Best rates for No-Risk investing?

Discussion in 'Finance, Investing & Economy' started by peledre, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Anybody have good ideas on where I can get the most for my money in the short term (12-15 months) on guaranteed return financial options? Right now the best I can get is an Employee CD at Citibank for 9 months at 4.45 APY. I'm thinking that's about as good as it gets if I'm shopping around for something with a guaranteed return.
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    That's going to be tough to beat, I've seen some 36 month cds that are equal to the current prime rate. But finding an investment that has a higher return percentage than what a bank is charged itself would be pretty tough.
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    One of the money magazines had this in one of their sections. I forget which one though, its either Money, Smartmoney, or Buisness Week. I think it is Money, but I am not sure.

    I thought it was interesting because it was from a West Coast bank for a current month that I had heard of but that wasn't huge. Didn't understand why a medium sized company would have the best deal.

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