Best players of the 2011 Copa Credife

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    Nat'l Team:
    List who you believe were the best players of the campeonato and your starting 11:

    Maximo Banguera
    Alexander Dominguez
    Esteban Dreer

    Pedro Velasco
    Jose Madrid
    Fricson Erazo
    Eduardo Morante
    Jairo Campos
    Gabriel Achilier

    Marwin Pita
    Fernando Gaibor
    Pedro Quinonez
    Juan Carlos Paredes
    Fernando Hidalgo
    Damian Diaz (for the almost immediate impact he had when he went to Barcelona, skilled player. these type of ballers are welcome in our futbol)
    Fernando Gimenez
    Renato Ibarra (for what he did in the first half of the year, nobody topped him from what i saw in the Segunda Etapa. no one was explosive as him)

    Hernan Barcos
    Juan Anangono
    Narciso Mina
    Fidel Martinez

    The foreigners this year didnt make much of an impact in their teams as they have in previous seasons. And it's clear, since the top 2 goal scorers of the campeonato are both ecua's, which hasn't happened in a long ass time.

    List of best juveniles in each position:

    keeper: none

    Pedro Velasco

    Fernando Gaibor

    Jose Ayovi

    Best starting 11:

    Alexander Dominguez: Pedro Velasco, Eduardo Morante, Fricson Erazo, Gabriel Achilier; Renato Ibarra, Pedro Quinonez/Fernando Hidalgo, Fernando Gaibor, Marwin Pita; Fidel Martinez, Hernan Barcos
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    My Starting 11:


    Velasco - Morante - Erazo

    PIta - Gaibor - Diaz - Saritama

    Fidel Martinez - Mina - Barcos

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