Best game of football i've seen in a while (R)

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by Clan, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Apr 23, 2002
    Best game of football i've seen in a while

    The Liverpool v Newcastle game this afternoon.
    Simply fantastic game and end to end stuff from begining to end.

    Truth be told though i think the mags skined the scouse for a share of the points.
    However, the pool have nobody to blame but themselves and owens selfishness.

    They dominated the game for large periods and should/could have baged 5 or 6.That useless kunt Heskey missed two glorious sitters and Owen couldn't get in on target to save his life.Also decided to shoot several times when another player was wide open on the other side with acres of room for a tap in goal.

    The Toon were very dangerous and played as if they were at home and not away.If they play like this when they come to Stamford bridge i can see us geting a right hideing if we don't show some commitment to the game and have all our players put in an effort to do somew runing off the ball.

    The work rate of both teams was fantastic and the level of fitness at this early stage to the season was superb.
    Ranieri should show this game tape to our players so they can see what "runing into space" and "closing down the man off the ball" etc etc etc is all about.

    To their credit Owen and Shearer never quit when things didn't go their way, unlike Hasselbaink who just fukin mopes around the pitch 'till the next ball is played to his feet, and god help the player that puts it four feet to the side of him as he'll put both his hands out in front of him palms up and give you that "what the fuk was that" look.

    If we could only get our lot to play like that.
    Funny thing also is that the foreigners on both teams played with just as much heart.

    Makes me think theres something wrong with our coaching staff that we can't motivate our lot.

    And to really spoil my day the tosspots are still top of the league.
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    I'll agree. Extremely fun match to watch....I don't mind seeing other big clubs draw either....

    I got a good crack up as to how many times the commentator said, "This is a great football match..."

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