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    Barcelona president Joan Laporta says he is glad that Real Madrid beat his club to the signing of David Beckham.

    "Beckham is a great player and I believe Barcelona was a better place for him than Madrid but I respect his decision," he told the BBC Sport website.

    "However, we've had luck in signing Ronaldinho instead who is a magic player and will become the leader of our club.

    "The fans prefer Ronaldinho. My plan was to bring either him, Thierry Henry or David Beckham to the Nou Camp.

    "In the end we got our man and the supporters are very happy because they can see the media show which surrounds Beckham in Madrid.

    "I respect the way Beckham conducts his affairs but also know that Catalans prefer the way Ronaldinho plays and lives his life in our city. I have no regrets whatsoever."

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