Battery @ Loudoun United 8/14

Discussion in 'Charleston Battery' started by fatbastard, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Somewhere I remember talking to some Battery fans to see if anyone was coming up to Virginia for this game - someone even offered to bring me some Holy City Pluff Mud Porter (or other good LowCountry stout/porters) - or even some Firefly Lemonade (the good stuff, not the malt beverage) if folks did manage to make the trip.

    I will have the Coffee Pot Cup if you want to see it - but I have not been to the new stadium for a game yet so I have no idea where in what parking lot I'll be :)

    I'll be in a Nissan Rogue with Va. plates DCU FAN
    PM me for my cell # either here or on twitter (@dcufan on twitter)
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    Charleston won that one 2-1- Dante Marini scored the goal to make it 2-0 in the second half, then Loudoun got one back but the Battery hung on. But that win over an expansion team was the only bright spot in an otherwise very disappointing August. To get blown out at home by Tampa was a disastrous result, and then you thought when Guerra scored early against Louisville things were turning around....but then he went off injured and they lost the lead there too.

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