Barca-Betis Televised This Sunday

Discussion in 'Andalucia' started by Pichi, Nov 6, 2003.

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    The Barca-Betis game will be televised on tape delay on Sunday at 1930 hrs EST, 1630 PST on GolTV.

    Saludos y viva er beti manque lopera!

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    I'll have to get my buddy to tape it. He's been giving me game tapes, it's just too bad that Gol TV really doesn't stray from the top 4 (Barca, Madrid, Valencia and Depor) in showing their matches every week. Some good games are going on that they are missing.
  3. Heliopolis

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    Re: Re: Barca-Betis Televised This Sunday

    they must be catching some flak because they are televising live on Saturday the At. Bilbao-Espanyol match which to me is less appetizing than the Derby Sevillano or Derby Andaluz played last weekend. What really surprises me is that besides that game no other game is broadcast live this weekend in the liga, where as 3 Calcio games are live.

    the Sevilla-R. Madrid game is tape delayed at 2130/1830, the Valencia game is shown on Monday and the Depor game on Tuesday go figure?


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