Barca-Betis Match on GolTV

Discussion in 'Barcelona' started by Pichi, Nov 6, 2003.

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    Hey Cules,

    You'll get a chance to watch your azulgranas play Betis this Sunday here in the states. GolTV will televise the game tape delayed on Sunday at 1930 hrs EST, 1630 PST.

    Rumor has it if Victor Fernandez doesn't get 5 points in the next three matches Barca, Depor, Mallorca he will be shown the door by everyones favorite president Don Manuel "I'm a tight wad" Lopera and either Mane or our favorite coach Don Lorenzo Serra Ferrer will take over the reins! So that means either Betis will play with cojones and win one for the Gipper or do what they have been doing all season score the first goal on an Assuncao free kick and then watch the defense give up 2-3 goals in a losing cause!

    Saludos y viva er beti manque lopera!

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    Thanks for of confidence :confused:

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