Barça- Atleti [R]

Discussion in 'Barcelona' started by Mario, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Mario

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    Mar 11, 2000
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    Barca has never lost a first match in league since 1939

    como dato historico Barcelona no pierde un arranq liguero en su propio estadio desde 1939

    Increible q se hayan desperdiciado tantas oportunidades, yo vi el juego en vivo pero tengo dificultades para ponerme online, que increible 6 o 7 chances desperdiciadas!!!! :mad:

    Van Gaal debe de estar todavia gritando por esos fallos, el comentarista de ESPN hizo bien en decir q quien no anota goles los ve hacerlos la inoperancia del ataq es desilusionante porq estando en casa no hay excusa

    comentarios por favor
  2. Jay Clark

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    May 21, 2001
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    El Mundo Deportivo showed about 15 chances wasted in the first 30 minutes!! But that is football for you, sometimes the ball just avoids the net.

    I would be more worried if they had only created four or five chances against AM. The goals will come, have faith.

    I do think LvG should have brought Riquelme' on earlier though. 10 minutes is not enough to get into the flow. I don't think LvG wanted to use him but maybe Javi was dead tired. Should have subbed him earlier if that was the case.

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    Re: Re: Barça- Atleti [R]

    I havent seen the tape, but I just recall from games last year that more often than not, mr. Kluivert is missing quality chances. Was this the case against mr. Gil y Gil Superstar's team?

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