Bad call on ref?

Discussion in 'Referee' started by kleinheero, Oct 25, 2003.

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Hello, I just played a hard soccer game today with a team I've played for 7 years now. I play sweeper, and I like blocking those crosses into the center.
    Just today, someone crossed the ball, but due to the wind, the ball flew high in the air, falling right on me. Well, I chest trapped it, and I mean dead center on my chest, and what did I hear?

    That redneck ref's whistle blow. He made the handball call.

    I was all cool, thinking someone would clear up this mess (someone had to see it right?!). Well, no one didn't and the opposing team had an indirect kick that eventually found the back of the net.
    Boy, was I mad when he gave an indirect kick! I was yelling at him, but cooled down when I saw him reaching for his pocket.

    Later on in the game, I came from the side and slid tackled, TOUCHING the ball, while the attacker tripped over me and flew a few feet forward. Well, what do ya know, a free kick.
    I've never heard these calls before. Is it because they get stricter as you get older? I'm only under-14 boys. Maybe I was wrong with those calls the ref made on me. Can any other red clear this up? :D

    Thanks! :D

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