Australian Rules Football Elo Ratings (wealth and population adjusted)

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    the point of these rankings is to estimate the true skill of a nation, because wealth and population amount make it easier for bigger and richer countries to perform well. relative performance per wealth and population amount is what is measured here.

    these rankings are quite accurate, there are a few discrepancies here and there. these are due to lack of games played 9 times out of 10 and should normally resolve themselves after a nation plays at least 30 matches. the worst case is South Africa being terribly underrated in recent years, not enough matches against sufficiently sized/ranked countries were played by South Africa. South Africa is currently the second best country outside of Oceania.


    RANKINGS (11 matches and more (countries in italic if only 12-29 matches played)
    PROVISIONAL RATINGS (6-10 matches, provided as an estimate that could change considerably)
    ACTIVE & UNRATED (1-5 matches only)

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