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    If they don't wish right now that they killed off the Astros playoffs hopes by winning a couple of the regular season games in the last week of the season. Then they might have had to deal with the Giants or the Braves. Instead, they are now dealing with one of the hottest teams in baseball. St. Louis may end up winning in the end, but right now they are dredding not finishing the Astros off.

    Just thought it was a useful analogy for the upcoming game against Jamaica. I am all for some small experimentation, but let us not get carried away. Jamaica has several quality players that I would not want to see in the hex. I would prefer to see El Salvador e.g.

    My thoughts on who to bring in vary greatly with who is in the MLS championship game. Until that is decided, I think guessing lineups is a bit premature. But I am not for full fledged experimentation.

    From Dallas: Gibbs and Eddie Johnson
    From Chicago: Armas and that is probably it

    Let Johnson, Gooch and possibly Gaven get a start. That should be the extent of the experimentation IMHO.
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    I agree. We can experiment a little bit, but why wouldn't you want to knock a team like Jamaica out if you had the chance?

    Plus I'll be at this game and would rather not see an all-MLS squad for the amount of money they're charging...
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    I agree and don't think Bruce will get "carried away" THese guys have a lot of pride and I'm sure they'd like to get through the round undefeated. Jamaica will be playing for their lives. I wonder if there is any concern at all that going all experimental would be unfair to Panama.
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    not sporting. Maybe

    But "unfair"? Never

    Put yourself in a position where you have to rely on other teams results to make it and you deserve what you get.
    I figure you're gonna see an all MLS line-up (or almost all MLS line-up.)

    EJ and Gibbs will be on the roster.
    won't Armas be fixed by that time?

    beyond that, who knows?

    It is quite literally too early to be speculating on line-ups while the MLS playoffs are going on.

    Not a good week for Panama.
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    Good thread MLS -- I've made the same arguement elsewhere. Too many people are saying, "there's a 98% chance the US will advance even if Jamaica is in the Hex, so why worry about it?"

    But if by eliminating the Reggae Boyz now you can turn that into a 99% of advancing, you do it every time.

    What if half the team gets food poisoned before a critical match? What if Donovan, Beasley and Bocanegra are all injured? Things happen and the U.S. should stack the odds as far in their favor as they can.

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