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Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Fah Que, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Yeah there's a good deal of truth in that, unfortunately. Especially about John Gorman being a parrot. Look at Alex Ferguson, he knows full well you can't have a Yes man as an assistant anymore.

    I do disagree strongly with the article's assessment of Sheringham and Sherwood. Sherwood in particular is blatantly past it, while Sheringham is doing well now, but it won't last and he couldn't fit in a partnership with Keane. Both of these players were too old, and more importantly, vastly overpaid. Glenn did right to get rid of them and put the money towards young talent like Zamora and Postiga.

    The real problem is the lack of a midfield general, which seems to be either antithesis to Hoddle's idea of football or somebody he is scared to recruit because he knows he won't be able to control him. Then there's the overreliance on wing backs and 3 at the back, which the players just can't seem to adjust to and most teams seem to break down far too easily these day.
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    I think we all have a soft spot for Teddy, he's always been a great footballer and a nice guy. I am glad to see him doing well. But I agree with sendorange that Hoddle did the right thing. The wage bill had to be lowered. It was the best time to buy because the prices were at a very very low point, so he bought. Those were all shrewd moves, even if they are haunting him now.

    But, everyone saw that Spurs needed a Dmid, and while we had three decent defensive games, the lack of a Dmid is showing now, as is the back line depth. And, as sendorange also pointed out, a creative midfielder sure would help. IMHO, with a fair call at Birmingham, a healthy Keane, and a break or two, Spurs would be doing very well right now. I still have faith in Hoddle.


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