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Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by YankeeGooner, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Nov 25, 2005
    "There were a few turning points in Sunday's game... We feel we scored a regular goal through Robin van Persie and that the referee made a very bad decision ... Other decisions went against us too. Michael Essien's challenge was a straight red in my opinion, it was right in front of the dugout. You want the referees to make the right decision and I just feel that in our last two games we were hard done by with these types of decisions... "
    Arsene Wenger

    How could Arsene be more correct? 20 points out because of Stiles and Gallagher. Lets face it - if you ride high enough, long enough, refs know that the calls don't have to be spot on. I have played this game at every level (but pro), reffed in grass roots and competitive, am an Officer for PA Youth Soccer and a Delegate of the US Soccer Federation, and at every level we all agree that refs should not effect the outcome of the game. Yet -in the most competitive league in the World, the referres are allowed to get away with consistently poor showings and, singlehandedly changing the outcome of games.

    Stiles would have been run off on an U12 8 v. 8 with the Sisters of Poverty playing St. Mary of the Handicapped. Gallagher would have been the bain of every father on a U6 sideline and -probably - had the snot beat from him by Gilberto's old man in the parking lot post match.

    By no means do I condone ref abuse - quite the opposite. Refs are there to be listened to and respected. But this is a FA problem that - to large extent - they simply ignore. No doubt, the FA have quality refs, but refs, like players, gaffers, adminstrators, and owners have good days and bad days and certainly should be subject to the same punishment for poor or offensive performance.

    Bringing the game in disrepute should be an offense that the FA should consider if a ref misses obvious, blatant calls. They should be subject to financial penalty - as one bad call can cause a club Millions. Imagine if the Arse miss Champions League play next season by 3 points - what will we look to? But the FA will forget it.

    Simply - its unacceptable. Arsene has gained an undeserved whiner reputation. He is a savvy football man who speaks the truth. "Hard done?"
    An understatement. The FA, Mr. Stiles, and Mr. Gallagher should apologize to Arsenal and, if there is no Europe at the new Emerites - the FA should acknowledge the inequity caused by its failure to properly sanction poor reffing.
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    May 28, 2004
    YankeeGooner, spot on there.
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    Guys, we know there is a lot to criticize when it comes to the FA and officials.

    But we've been getting done by them for five or six years now and I still remember bringing home some shiny shiny silverware in that time. Our problems are of our own making. Poor decisions just magnify them.
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    Exactly. I was glad to see the ref boss admitting that RvP's goal was a goal (see the links to the story on the Arsene & Jose Happy Christmas Joy to the World Variety Special -- it's in the same story), but I really have trouble believing that those mistakes don't even out among all the clubs over the long haul. We have screwed ourselves with the failure to replace key players (not just Vieira), to adapt to changing tactical demands, and to play up to our fukcing potential.
  5. fox point fury

    May 19, 2001
    Let's also not forget that we've benefitted from poor calls ourselves. "49" could've been stopped very early on with a yellow card for diving instead of a pk.
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    Oct 1, 2002
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    He shoots, he scores! That's all folks. Other clubs obviously have 10,000 copies of the last few Bolton matches vs. Arsenal and they study them religiously.

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