Arizona volunteer soldier - gagged, arrested in Iraq

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by DJPoopypants, Jul 12, 2005.

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    This is a really weird situation that I haven't seen mentioned here

    A soldier from the AZ national guard, sent to Iraq, has decided that its all ****ed-up, and wants to tell everydat americans what's really going on.
    there should be no doubt that this guy is unhappy and wants to work within the US political system to change things. But as shown, administration apologist soldiers are free to do so, but this critic is not.

    He sounds like a reasonable guy (

    On one hand, it is common sense that troops should do their job and quit bitching. On the other hand...he hardly sounds like a hippy whiner, and shouldn't there be whistleblower protections for federal employees?

    Especially one who can come up with a great acronym...N.O.M.A.S (Not One More American Soldier Should Die Over Here in this Lie We Call the Occupation of Iraq!)
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    There's a difference between whistleblower protection and freedom of speech. There's no way in hell soldiers should be allowed to blog freely like that.
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    True...but the Bushies use soldiers to speak to the media if they support the president. He did it just the other day.

    BOTH should be verboten.

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