Are the Playoffs still Possible?

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by PFKing15, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. PFKing15

    PFKing15 New Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    Given the red and black's recent run of bad luck in games (particuarly away games), which has resulted in our drop in MLS standing, one can't help but wonder:
    -Is anyone to blame?
    -Are the playoff's still possible?
    -Will we ever win an away game?
    -When will we win another home game?
    -If yes, Can we do it without our points, goals, and shots leader Santino Quarranta?

    This leads me to the second set of questions:
    -How far will Santio go? Is he the next Donovan? Is he more?
    -Or, is Eliseo the future of DC United's Offense?
    -How much longer can Marco last?

    I'm very interested in knowing what you have to say.
  2. Jose L. Couso

    Jose L. Couso New Member

    Jul 31, 2000
    Arlington, VA
    So many questions!

    I will just answer the one this thread concerns itself with.




    DC United has Ben Olsen back. Ben seems to have sparked the team somewhat and it he plays a whole game it should help. That and the return of Moreno. And Quintanilla playing more with the team and getting more comfortable. And all the other quality DC United players. And the fact that DC United plays the Metrostars 3 games, and the Metrostars are falling apart.

    So yes there is still a slim chance, but it is better than no chance.
  3. Z010 Union

    Z010 Union Moderator
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    Mar 28, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
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    not this year
  4. Enforcer

    Enforcer New Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    The Quiet Side
    Welcome and congrats on your first post!
  5. dadman

    dadman Yo soy un papa

    DC United
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    Apr 13, 2001
    Reston, VA
    DC United
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    Welcome to the Boards, PFKing.

    I don't feel as hopeless about our chances this year as I did last year, but I still think the chances are slim. The closest teams on points to us never seem to stumble against us and play out of their heads against the top teams.

    I'm hopeful that the All Start break will give Jaimie & Co. time to heal (Tino's out for the year) and Q2 time to get used to the rest of the squad. I think our three man backline against Chicago with McKinley pairing with Williams in D-mid gives us a wall in front of Rimando. We've just got to shuck off this bad scoring hoodoo.

    So I have hope.

    But what do I know--I backed Carter in '80.

  6. PFKing15

    PFKing15 New Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    Thank You

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my post and reply. As many of you noticed this was my first post, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find that so many people had replied with serious responses. So a big "Thank You!" to everyone...I have to admit, with regards to the subject matter of the thread, it does see like the playoffs are a serious long shot but if there's one thing I've learned in all my years of watching sports: It could happen.
  7. GoDC

    GoDC Member

    Nov 23, 1999
    Hamilton, VA
    The playoffs are possible. Now, DC United being in the playoffs, that is a different story. :D

    Honestly, we probably need to win 5 of our last 8 games to make it. We play Metrodonkeys 3 times, Quakes 2, NE, Dallas, and KC. I do not see 5 wins in there.
  8. MeridianFC

    MeridianFC Member

    Jul 26, 1999
    Washington, DC USA
    "Are the Playoffs still Possible? "

  9. uniteo

    uniteo Member+

    Sep 2, 2000
    Rockville, MD
    DC United
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    Not the way this team is playing

    MAE is done unless DCU changes to a defense-oriented counter attacking style with a big fast target forward, a la Valderrama and Big Mama in '00.
  10. sebakoole

    sebakoole New Member

    Jul 11, 2002
    There's still a slight possibility, but wouldn't it be wiser to concentrate on rebuilding for next year? Give Mapp some playing time, let him adjust to the league and build some confidence. Even if he loses a game for us, big deal, we're not going to win it all this year, anyway.
  11. CHICO13

    CHICO13 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 4, 2001
    SECTION 135
    The Strongest La Paz
    Nat'l Team:
    I tend to agree, but I would rather we went down swinging. If we win the first two after the allstar break, we're in it point wise, and the confidence factor goes way up. As Jimmy V said "Don't give up. Don't EVER give up"
  12. revelation

    revelation Member+

    Dec 17, 1998
    FC St. Pauli
    FC Sankt Pauli
    What are playoffs? I'm not familiar with that terminology, could you please explain.

  13. Benedict XVI

    Benedict XVI Member

    Nov 22, 1999
    Ciudad del Encanto
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    "Tragic Numbers"

    I have done this the last couple years - I can't figure out a better system, and I am not much of a math guy - I am always welcoming tips or a better way.

    Basically, the idea behind this is that when a team has more POINTS earned than DCU can possibly earn, we are eliminated from one spot.

    Example: San Jose has 38 points. DCU has 21. With 8 games remaining, our maximum point total (if we win out, 3 pts/game) is 45. Our 'tragic number' in relation to San Jose is 7. Any combination of San Jose's gaining points (wins or draws) or our losing points (losses or draws) will result in that number shrinking.

    If San Jose wins their next game and we draw, our tragic number would then be 2 (-3 for the San Jose win, -2 for the two 'lost' points of the draw). One more win by San Jose or one more loss or draw by DCU means we are eliminated from the Supporters Shield (or its replacement, thanks fusion fans) race.

    Team - Points - Games Remaining - Possible Points

    SJE 38 - 7 - 59
    DAL 31 - 8 - 54
    KCW 31 - 7 - 51
    LAG 30 - 9 - 57
    CRD 30 - 7 - 51
    MET 29 - 7 - 50
    CHI 28 - 8 -52
    CLB 28 - 7 - 49
    NER 22 - 8 - 46
    DCU 21 - 8 - 45

    Tragic Numbers
    SJE: 7
    DAL: 14
    KCW: 14
    LAG: 15
    CRD: 15
    MET: 16
    CHI: 17
    CLB: 17
    NER: 23

    Make sense?
  14. Jose L. Couso

    Jose L. Couso New Member

    Jul 31, 2000
    Arlington, VA
    Tragic numbers indeed!

    ps-Could you update the numbers after every game? Thanks in advance!
  15. revelation

    revelation Member+

    Dec 17, 1998
    FC St. Pauli
    FC Sankt Pauli
    Update for 22 August, 2002

    Team---Points---Games Remaining---Possible Points

    SJ --- 42 --- 5 --- 57
    LA --- 39 --- 5 --- 54
    Dal --- 37 --- 5 --- 52
    Chi --- 34 --- 5 --- 49
    Cow --- 34 --- 4 --- 46
    Col --- 33 --- 5 --- 48
    KC --- 32 --- 3 --- 41
    NJ --- 29 --- 6 --- 47
    DC --- 23 --- 6 --- 41
    NE --- 22 --- 6 --- 40

    Which gives the "Tragic Numbers" of:

    SJ --- 0
    LA --- 3
    Dal --- 5
    Chi --- 8
    Cow --- 8
    Col --- 9
    KC --- 10
    NJ --- 13
    NE --- 20

    However, Kansas only has 9 points possible in the remaining games and New England only 18.
  16. morenolsen

    morenolsen New Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    I was surprised to see everybody down about our playoff chances back in early August.

    Has anybody had a change of heart (now a few weeks later) since it's obvious that NY/NJ is the likely team that we'll replace (and have three remaining matches against)?
  17. revelation

    revelation Member+

    Dec 17, 1998
    FC St. Pauli
    FC Sankt Pauli
    I was down on our chances because we were mired at the bottom of the table and not scoring goals. However, I clearly underestimated the ability of other teams to suck wind! I mean we didn't score for 536 minutes and still caught New England!
  18. GDopplerXT

    GDopplerXT Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    DC Area
    I wasn't optimistic, but I definitely hadn't given up hope. But this is why your 9th grade soccer coach said to keep playing 'til the final whistle. You never know when you're going to catch a break or have a turn in fortune. And if you're not prepared to grab that chance (no matter how small), then you will lose out.

    Like Rev said, we didn't score for over 500 minutes, yet still managed to moved ahead of NE. And NJ can't seem to get it's act together, and now we're 6 points behind them with 3 games to play against them out of 6 remaining!

    The opportunity is there. DC has had some great moments this year (although few and far between). We may not do it in style, but we CAN make the playoffs.

    And when that's done, THEN we start preparing for next season.
  19. garbaggio

    garbaggio Member

    Jan 3, 2001
    I'm still pretty down about our chances. The fact that we are winless in our last 9 games may have something to do with it.

    But if we win on Sunday I will be happy to turn my frown upside down.
  20. Arisrules

    Arisrules Member

    Feb 19, 2000
    Washington, DC
    You guys are playing much better soccer then the Metrostars. No doubt. You got robbed 2 games ago against KC, and had a very close match against SJ. What more can you ask? With 3 games against the Metrostars, and 6 games remaining, you guys are in the middle of it.
  21. CHICO13

    CHICO13 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 4, 2001
    SECTION 135
    The Strongest La Paz
    Nat'l Team:
    "Are the Playoffs still Possible?"
  22. bigredfutbol

    bigredfutbol Moderator
    Staff Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Woodbridge, VA
    DC United
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    United States
    The playoffs are definitely possible, especially the way we played the last two games, particularly vs. SJ. Considering what a slump we were in (at least as far as results go), to come out swinging and play such a tough game against the league leaders on the road tells me they've still got it in them.

    I'm a big fan of Santino, but we'll see. I think he's got a great future ahead of him. Sure, some areas of his game he needs to work on--he's only got a good decade or so to develop!
  23. owendylan

    owendylan Member

    May 30, 2001
    DC United
    Maybe, but I think this weekend's NY game is the most important of the last 6 games. I think whatever we do will set the tone for the remaining games. If we lose to NY I think we won't make the playoffs. If we win, I'm not prepared to say we will get in, but it will siginificantly improve our odds maybe to 70/30 in favor. The Metros have been blowing hot and cold all season long. They're either great or just horrendous and streaky. They are as capable of losing 5 games in a row as they are winning 5 in a row.
  24. Jimbo

    Jimbo Member

    Dec 17, 1999
    Washington, DC
    KC has 32 points, a commanding 9 point lead, but only three games remaining. Home with Chicago and Colorado and on the road in Colorado.

    The Metrostards have 29 points and six games left. Two at home with DC, and on the road with LA, DC, Dallas and NE.

    DC has 23 points and six games left. Two on the road with the Metrostars, one on the road with NE. Three at home against SJ, Metrostars and Dallas. DC can get 41 points if it wins out.

    There are a lot of permutations, but basically, DC has to play the best soccer of its dismal season and hope its nearest challengers stumble. Lately its challengers haven't done well, but it's the winning its own games part that seems to be DC's trouble.

    If DC wins two of three from the Metrostars, loses to SJ, and beats NE and Dallas, it will have 35 points. That means KC would have to lose two of its last three games. It's possible but requires DC to get all the breaks.

    The same scenario would require the Metrostars to lose two of three against Dallas, LA and NE. That seems possible (and it puts DC and the Mets in a tie which DC would win on a better head to head record).

    Losing this weekend would not eliminate our chances, but failing to rack up subsequent wins against Metros and NE would ultimately kill our chances. At least there's hope.
  25. BudWiser

    BudWiser New Member

    Jul 17, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    It's simple. We have to beat the MetroStars. They can be caught. We have to win on Sunday. NO MORE TIES

    We can jump ahead of the MetroStars. We should have the greatest hating for the MetroStars in our history at this point. If we can beat them to the playoffs we will be able to talk s to Metro fans and piss them off-it will be absolute paradise. We have nothing to lose-the Metros have little idea we can overtake them and if we don't it won't be a big deal

    If we win Sunday then we can look to this-two games upcoming against the Metros in 3 days-Sept 12 and Sept 14!!



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