Are Megson's tactics to blame?

Discussion in 'West Bromwich Albion' started by DevilDave, Oct 22, 2003.

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    Albion fans have been moaning about tactics employed by Gary Megson since well before the Baggies were promoted in 2001-02. But now after losses at home to Sheffield United and Wimbledon, and with the team being booed off the park by Albion fans in those losses and the 1-0 Albion win over Norwich, it's clear things have come to a head.

    Yes we're still in the upper reaches of the First Division table. Yes, "the system," as it were, is responsible for that. But it's fairly apparent what Albion will be doing long before our opponents step on the pitch. And poor results in the last week have given a textbook example of how the rest of the league how to deal with those tactics.

    So what next? Should Megson heed the call of thousands of armchair managers and release the hounds? Can Albion play that kind of football?

    One would think a side with gifted creative players such as Sakiri and Koumas should be able to produce that kind of free-flowing football. It's good that Megson has instilled a mentality that giving up any goals is a blot on Albion's record.

    But then again, if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. It's time for a different approach, I think. It's one thing to not want to give up goals, but our attackers need to be hungry to get goals. And after a very promising start, they have gone without for a few weeks.

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