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Discussion in 'LA Chapter' started by ysantos, Sep 3, 2010.

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    It's an idea thats been brewing since last year. Say what you might want about NCAA soccer, but it's an opportunity to give our cause some exposure.

    With that said, we are planning on attending the upcoming USC vs UCLA Soccer match at the Coliseum (yes, we know it's between the womens teams) on October 22. Tickets are $5 for that.

    We are open to attending other NCAA fixtures. One that recently caught our attention was Cal State Northridge vs Air Force on 9/26. Tickets for this are also $5.

    We are also thinking about attending the 2010 NCAA College Cup in Santa Barbara on December 12th. Tickets for that have not yet gone on sale to the public though.

    If you have a suggestion on what you think might be a good local NCAA match to go to, let us know.
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    I am intrigued with the idea of AOLA going to college games and not supporting either team, just dressed to the 9's in US kit and singing songs about the nats (women and men). :D

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