Anyone up for an MLS Cup roadtrip from the Pacific Northwest?

Discussion in 'MLS: Rumors' started by tcmahoney, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. tcmahoney

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    Feb 14, 1999
    Hit the road Friday night and either drive all night or grab some sleep somewhere in the Siskiyous. Make it down to the land of smog and sprawl Saturday afternoon in time for the Supporters' Bash. Watch the Cup on Sunday, and then zoom straight out of the parking lot back for the land of trees and salmon.

    I've got a Kia Rio that'll make it and not slurp down too much gas -- but it doesn't have a CD player or radio. So your car is an option. Smoking is not an option.

    Anyone in Washington or Oregon up for a little trip?
  2. MLS3

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    Feb 7, 2000
    Pac NW
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    wow, never seen anyone from the northwest post something like that, right when i read it i was about to say ya i WOULD like to go but i'm a huge chain smoker so i guess that won't i want my first MLS Cup (in person, watched everyone obviously) to be when Seattle is in the final...hopefully 06...

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