Anyone from the Leeward Islands?

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    Hello. I would like to know if there is anyone from the Leeward Islands who can help me research the LIFA (Leeward Islands Football Association) Championship history. The tournament began in 1949, and is an annual event. It provided the British Virgin Islands with their only international honour in 1986, although the BVIFA do not know any of the results from this tournament (?!) I have written to various Leeward Islands FAs, but have not received any information. It is very frustrating to know that the results are out there somewhere, it's just finding somebody who is willing to give out details that is proving to be difficult. If anyone knows anyone who may have records of games played by the following islands, or a contact name for the LIFA or CFU, I would be very grateful to hear from you.

    Countries concerned
    Antigua & Barbuda
    British Virgin Islands (including Tortola)
    US Virgin Islands (including St.Thomas/St.Croix)
    Saint Kitts
    Sint Maarten

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