Any Nuggets Fans out there?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Arsenalchic9, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Arsenalchic9

    Arsenalchic9 New Member

    Sep 1, 2004
    I am like so excited for the new season! Anyone who wants to talk about my passion for basketball, that would be wonderful! :D
  2. MoRado

    MoRado New Member

    Feb 6, 2004
    San José. Costa Rica
    Deportivo Saprissa
    Nat'l Team:
    Costa Rica
    nuggets have a difficult game tomorrow @ L.A., lakers are favorite by 3, i think that LA will win that game, but who knows....maybe melo has a different story!
    BTW i created a nba wagering thread in the WAGERING forum, f you guys wanna check it out and discuss some picks......
  3. therealronaldo7

    therealronaldo7 New Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    I used to be a big Nuggest fan back in the day of Abdul-Rauf and Todd Lichti, but now it seems like the Nuggets are the "cool" team to like and with guys like Carmelo and Kenyon Martin running the show there. Thus, I cheer against them. Sorry. Go Bulls! They stink, but I will still pull for them along with the Jazz.
  4. MoRado

    MoRado New Member

    Feb 6, 2004
    San José. Costa Rica
    Deportivo Saprissa
    Nat'l Team:
    Costa Rica
    I cant believe it!!!!! bulls fans still exist!
    Abdul-rauf had a cool tic!
  5. FlashMan

    FlashMan Member

    Jan 6, 2000
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    nuggets with a huge game last night v. the pistons.

    mellow-man Carmelo had a great game and little Man Boynkins simply went completely off.

    great game to watch.
  6. tabramos10

    tabramos10 New Member

    Jul 1, 2001
    Nope. Jazz fan here baby. No need to say much more except, HAHAHAHA!!!
  7. yirdum

    yirdum New Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    im nuggets fan after pacers and knicks
  8. Jam Econo

    Jam Econo Member

    Jan 30, 2002
    Left of the 405
    They've been my #1 team since the glory(?) days of the early/mid-80's (Moe, English, Lever, Hanzlik, etc.) The 90's were a drag, but at least the Clippers kept them from being a complete joke. For too many years when I would look up their scores in the sports page, I'd always look at the right (losers) column first. Now it looks like Kiki has gotten the franchise pointed in the right direction and I'm seeing Melo jerseys everywhere…weird.

    As for this season, after a slow start we're finally back to .500, but they haven't played much on the road yet. Winning away from home has always been a problem for the Nuggets, but last year they seemed to improve in that regard. Hopefully, losing Lenard for the year hurt too much.
  9. DevilDave

    DevilDave Member

    West Bromwich Albion/RBNY/PSG/Gamba Osaka/Sac Republic
    United States
    Sep 29, 2001
    Sacramento, CA
    West Bromwich Albion FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    As someone who has lived in Sactown just long enough to remember powder blue then (the return of) royal blue unis, Wayman Tisdale, Spud Webb and Lionel "L-Train" Simmons... let's just say I have a few bones to pick with the Nuggets after what happened at the end of the 2003-04 regular season. :mad:
  10. Rudy R9

    Rudy R9 New Member

    Aug 12, 2004
    Estadio Azteca
    Nuggets fan, Rudy r9 reporting. Go Nugs. Were going all the way baby.
  11. Metros Striker10

    Metros Striker10 New Member

    Jul 7, 2001
    Planet Earth
    I'm a Camby and Nene fan...since they were ex-Knicks.

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