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Discussion in 'Sunderland' started by CannuchMackem, Jan 2, 2017.

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    I think going into these last 2 games.....Burnley away and Liverpool at home.....and given our position in the league, 1 point would seem like a realistic thought. Well, we got that point, albeit via a round-a-bout sort of way. I was thinking getting a point from a good-at-home Burnley team, and a tough hard fought loss to Liverpool. Either way you cut it, a point is a point, considering our injury list which has grown exponentially. I would have liked more, but as a SAFC fan, we take what we can.
    So FA Cup next week.....will he wrap them up in cotton wool and send the kids out? Or go for it......hmmmmm

    Anyway, lets all hope 2017 is a good one for us.....take care.......cheers :cool:

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