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Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Again, a must win situation. We need points wherever we can get them. Again we play Wigan after they have played a close, hard fought match and lost to Chelsea 1-nil. This time we play at the JJB.

    The Latics have beaten Bolton, Fulham and twice Newcastle [one a League Cup match] at the JJB. They sit at 7th on 25 points.

    We could snuggle up with Wigan if we win on the road again. Our attack was better last match, but that was Sunderland we played. So take any positives with a grain of salt.

    Is it time to go 4-4-2? I say yes. But I wouldn't put out your father's 4-4-2. Here's my radical idea.

    Kiely or Andersen
    Young - Perry - Sorondo - HH
    Rommedahl - Murphy - Thomas
    Bent - Ambrose

    Subs: Andersen or Kiely, Powell, Kishishev, Hughes, Bothyroyd
  2. hartley

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    With the Latics losing to Man U 4-0, Wigan remain at 25 points but now have a goal differential of -2. We have the same GD. So, if the Addicks can win at the JJB, then Charlton will go above the Latics.

    Without looking at the other teams and their matches around us, defeating the Latics could put us up to 8th place.

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