Abramovich/Chelsea wants Beckham and Roberto Carlos

Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by MadridForever, Oct 20, 2003.

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    I think that Abramovich has a great obsession with the Real Madrid players.

    The last summer he made a offer to Raul of 24M € (12M € free of taxes), the double of what he earn in RM. Raul said no.

    The next objetive was Makelele. All we know what happened.

    He has made a offer to Salgado to earn 3 times of what he earn in RM. Salgado is negotiating with RM because his contract ends the next june.

    Now, he has made a offer to Roberto Carlos to earn 12M EUR (6 M EUR free of taxes), the same money that, at the moment, earn Zidane, Figo, Raul, Ronaldo and Beckham. Roberto Carlos has contract for the next two years. He has said that he will respect his contract with RM.

    He also has made a offer to Beckham - i don't know the money - and Beckham has said no. He has said the same that Roberto Carlos, he wants to respect his contract with RM.

    I think that no club in the world can compete with what Abramovich is offering to some players. He seems to very be happy giving the money.Because everybody knows that it is impossible to recover the money that he is spending in sign players.

    And i think that Florentino and Valdano musn't be very happy with Abramovich, because he is attacking the RM on all fronts.


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    If he takes one player from Real Madrid, his team will become one player stronger and Real madrid became one player less. In Makelele case, Abramovich did hurt Real Madrid. However, if Real Madrid was able to sign Ayala, Chelsea was just giving Real Madrid money to upgrade their lineups.

    It would be nice if Real Madrid got the money to sign Ballack and Aimar for next season after selling Salgado.
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    Ballack sure, but Aimar? how many midfielders do they need, Aimar should not go there next season, maybe season after, that... unless this is Zidane's last season... Figo cant be far off, but he is still world class...
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    [Points at mtkillamanjohno] Go back to the England Boards from whence u came!!

    Abramovich wants to win a League title, and he has the cash to give to any player , he's also single-handedly reinvigorated and otherwise listless transfer market
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    Ahem... who are you to be ordering somebody away from the Real Madrid forum? You're a B*rça fan. Learn your place.



    This article, from today, is about Valdano threatening to file a grievance with FIFA concerning Chelsea's potentially illegal practices of subterfuge in the player market.
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    very polite James, he was kidding.

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