A Truly NEW (I think) Vision for MLS Structure

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  1. PercyB2362

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    Jul 12, 1999
    A. SEM is history
    B. New MLS is predicated on a league of 16 teams
    C. Champion/Playoff structure - tbd
    D. Season Schedule predicated on 16 teams -
    drawn up in a fashion similar to pre-WC draw -
    (with teams filled in later)
    E. ANY professional team in the country is eligible
    to be one of the 16 teams for the next season
    based on: paid attendance ranking for SOCCER
    ONLY games (double header, fireworks, concerts)
    games not counted).
    F. MLS would define the attendance and any other
    desired criteria for inclusion in the next season,
    while any team, while otherwise qualifying, would
    have the option of accepting or declining to be
    a member of the league for next season.

    Note the simplicity of this scheme, such as DE/RE
    not based on playing result, but ability to generate a paying fan base (surely the most important element for any Pro league). Playing venues, I/Os, etc. would be the responsibility of the local operators and communities. Thus, with this scheme, any community can guage it's potential and local interest in making the Premier rung. And, MLS now has a conceivably greater prospect of gaining a truly nationwide footprint because there are likely to be a few changes in the teams list each year.
  2. Casper

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    Mar 30, 2001
    New York
    And how would the transition between what we have now and this vision work?

    Exactly. Creative, but any plan to revamp the league that doesn't have an incentive for MLS and A-League investors to participate will never happen. And blackmailing fans to the gate with relegation as a threat isn't enough of an incentive for those investors, particularly if Rochester and Seattle fans bum-rush the gates. If this is an anticipated outcome, why would anyone want a piece of San Jose? Even if Donovan is still on the team?
  3. kasai

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    Jul 15, 2002
    The MLS will never go for that unless bankrupcy is the only other option. This isn't like the AFL NFL merger.
  4. The Devil's Architect

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  5. suspenders1964

    Mar 4, 2000
    let's all laugh at Percy's dumbass.

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    How about we structure the league like the XFL? Fire all the managers and bring in washed up professional wrestlers to run things. If the MLS had been based on profitable teams, we wouldn't have the MLS. Even now there are few (don't know the stats) teams that are making money. Basing the clubs on where the market to support them exists is far more sensible. I understand a desire for everyone to want to restructure the league into something else, but the fact remains that the US is not a soccer country. Keeping the league structured in conferences with playoffs is the best chance right now of the MLS being accepted as a "mainstream" sport in this country.
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    How about laughing at Mr. Warmth for bumping a 7+ year old thread?
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    you sick son of a bitch, ah nevermind the op was pretty damn funny.

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    In my youth, I used to know a fat kid at summer camp named Percy. Used to get picked on a bit.
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    He hasn't been on BS in 3.5 years, so I guess it's harmless.

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