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    In what seems to have been a long-term effort from the Equalizer, we now have a lengthy behind-the-scenes post-mortem of the fall of the Breakers
    Mostly it confirms what we already thought we knew, just expands on that knowledge immensely.
    --At the time of UTA coming in, KC was viewed as the bigger problem than BOS was because BOS had a seemingly good prospective owner.
    --One thing that's new here is that the team had already been turned over to the league at the time
    --Also, NWSL didn't properly vet said prospective owner
    --While the situation started to crumble sooner, it didn't completely fall apart until the eve of the draft, at which point NWSL felt it was too late to stop BOS from drafting, but was already making plans for if the team completely went under (i.e. preventing trades)
    --A week or so later, everything completely collapsed, including attempted rush jobs to find yet another new prospective owner or at least a stopgap to last an extra year
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