9/13: Onyewu: G. Beerschot vs. La Louviere [R]

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by harttbeat, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. harttbeat

    harttbeat Member

    Dec 29, 1998
    New York
    Finally! Oguchi gets into the starting XI. no score.

  2. harttbeat

    harttbeat Member

    Dec 29, 1998
    New York
    79 min: Beerschot with a shot but clear away by Onyewu.
  3. harttbeat

    harttbeat Member

    Dec 29, 1998
    New York
    Gooch goes the full 90. game ends 0-0.

    La Louivere will play against Benfica in the first leg of UEFA cup Sep 24.
  4. Matrim55

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    Aug 14, 2000
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    United States
    9/13 Gooch: La Louvire v. Germinal Beerschott (R)

    Gooch went 90 in central defense in the 0-0 draw. This bodes well.
  5. FlashMan

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    Jan 6, 2000
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    United States
    And wouldn't this be great news:

  6. Parmigiano

    Parmigiano Member

    Jun 20, 2003
    Great to see he's getting action and played well. But I wish he would play right back.
  7. FlamingTroll

    FlamingTroll Member

    Nov 13, 2002
    Remise en jeu de Onyewu... ça vaut
    le déplacement !!! Impressionnant !

    This picture of Gooch from the match is from the Louviere site with the caption: "Throw-in by Onyewu - it was worth the trip! Impressive!" The above game report also mentioned Gooch's impressive throw-ins.

    A thread on the team forum picking a man-of-the-match had Gooch #2 to the keeper Proto.
  8. harttbeat

    harttbeat Member

    Dec 29, 1998
    New York
    I kinda agree with you but after what i saw in the Confed Cup, we really have no depth in center backs. After Boca and Pope, we really don't have anyone. Califf? I think he too small? Gibbs? i rather see him in left back. Right now, we are in better shape in right than center back.
  9. Sandon Mibut

    Sandon Mibut Member+

    Feb 13, 2001
    The first time I saw Onyewu play, back when he was 17, I knew someday he'd play in a European first division.

    OK, Belgium ain't exactly Serie A, but I'm still glad to see that he made it.

    As for him playing centrally as opposed to right back, A) we can't be picky where he gets on the field, just that he gets on the field and B) he is a much bigger person than he was four years ago and his body likely makes him more suited to play centrally.

    BTW, his throws must be REALLY good if they rather have the 6-4 guy with good ups throwing the ball than being on the receiving end of someone else's throws.
  10. panicfc

    panicfc Member+

    Dec 22, 2000
    In my chair, typing
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    United States
    Great point on his size Sandon. He's big, 6'4", and I don't think he has the skills for playing out wide.

    One of my friends in Belgium saw him and said "He throws 60 meters!" - his words. I'm not sure how accurate he was, but he said it was like a corner kick.
  11. terrywilson

    terrywilson Member

    May 3, 1999
    Atlanta Ga.
    Man playing against those guys is hell. You can count on every throw being "in the mixer as its called." For a defender it sucks.
  12. str8ruckus

    str8ruckus New Member

    Sep 10, 2001
    Phoenix, Az US
    Such as... "I'm in within beershot of Ralph's Brewery".

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