9/13 Milan - Bologna [R]

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    Nov 6, 1999
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    Milan 2-1 Bologna FT

    10' (1T ) Shevchenko A. (Mil)
    32' (1T ) Nervo C. (Bol)
    40' (2T ) Inzaghi F. (Mil)

    MILAN (4-3-1-2)
    12 Dida N.
    14 Simic D.
    24 Laursen M.
    13 Nesta A.
    19 Costacurta A.
    8 Gattuso G.
    21 Pirlo A.
    20 Seedorf C.
    10 Rui Costa M.
    7 Shevchenko A.
    9 Inzaghi F.

    77 Abbiati C.
    2 Cafu M.
    23 Ambrosini M.
    32 Brocchi C.
    5 Redondo F.
    27 Serginho S.
    15 Tomasson J.

    (3-5-1-1) BOLOGNA
    Pagliuca G. 1
    Zaccardo C. 2
    Natali C. 14
    Moretti E. 5
    Nervo C. 7
    Dalla Bona S. 8
    Colucci L. 21
    Locatelli T. 20
    Guly A. 18
    Signori G. 10
    Rossini F. 23

    Pansera A. 22
    Juarez D. 3
    Troise E. 4
    Amoroso C. 24
    Pecchia F. 35
    Bellucci C. 11
    Tare I. 9

    Milan struggle to get all 3 points but they got them and that is all that matters :) Seedorf's freekick struck Sheva's head and the ball found the corner to open the scoring. Milan kept possession the rest of the half but couldn't turn anything in the net. And then Carlo Nervo settled a ball that was deflected out to him about 30 yards from goal. His shot was a screamer and Dida got a hand onto it but the ball still found the net.

    The second half was more of the same from Milan. Seedorf, Rui, and Pirlo would pass the ball between them with the occasional through ball to Sheva and Pippo. Sheva had many chances with his head to day but he could only score the one goal. The Carlo decided to go all out for the win bringing in some width with Cafu and Serginho. And then witht the final roll of the dice he brought in Tomasson. Milan played a 3-4-3 to end the match with Sheva-Pippo-Tomasson playing the trident attack. Eventually it payed off as Pippo got the ball in the box and fought off three defenders. Tomasson was about to run onto the ball and smash it in the net but Pippo wouldn't be denied today as he slotted the ball past Pagliuca to win the game for Milan.

    Now to assess the problem with Milan. Rui, Pirlo, and Seedorf do not make any runs into the box. They just pass it between them or try to find Pippo or Sheva in the box. When Seedorf went off for Tomasson, Sheva started to play behind Pippo and Tomasson and you could tell the Milan attack was better. When Sheva gets the ball he doesn't just pass the ball around he tries to take the ball into the box. The same can be said of Kaka last week. That's why I think playing Kaka behind Pippo and Sheva will be our best attack this season. It gives us that unpredictability that we sorely need. But don't expect Carlo to change the Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Rui midfield until we lose. Which could happen sooner rather than later if we keep the same stale lineup we used last year.
  2. Spartak

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    Nov 6, 1999
    AC Milan
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
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    Nice to see Dalla Bona playing.

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