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  1. elainemichelle

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    Jul 20, 2002
    I was in 2nd per. biology at about 8:45 when I found out. One of our class sponsors came in and told our teacher while the student teacher was teaching us. She turned on the news and they kept showing the plane crashing into the building and then we saw the 2nd one. The whole class went out sat together around one table in the corner of the room. I felt so confused about why anyone would do something like that. I remember the strings of profanities that we all just kind of whispered as we watched the footage over and over again. Me and some of my friends went to art next and our teacher didn't know about it yet. She turned on the news and a lot of the other kids in my class didn't know yet, so we sat in absolute silence and watched it over and over again. About half way through the class I just got so ANGRY. I wanted everything to just stop. I just felt so much HATE. Next I went to French and by that time the whole school knew. I remember walking through the halls and there wasn't anyone talking at all... I got to French and I found out that my friend's dad was at the Pentagon when it happened and she didn't know whether or not her dad was okay. When I heard that I just wanted to cry. I felt so vulnerable and exposed. In the cafeteria that day at lunch there was almost absolute silence. No one knew what to say or think or feel or do. I came home from school that day and my mom was crying in the living room. Then my sisters got home and the littlest one was completely bawling. Seeing my mom and sister cry just made me even more angry... I don't even remember how my dad reacted.

    At our pep rally that Friday everyone wore red, white, and blue and there were 50 flags spread throughout the football field. I think that morning when we were putting the flags out there was the first time I had laughed since that Tuesday. During the pep rally everyone was crying. It's so heart-breaking to see all of your friends crying like that. All the guys were hugging all the girls and trying to make them laugh but it was so hard to.

    Thank God Mal's dad was okay. No one I know lost anyone. I realized how completely blessed we were to not have lost anyone we know. One of things it taught me was to not take anything for granted...
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    Jun 2, 2001
    Yves Fiat
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    Do I count as the first?!

    Merge with Random Jibberish?
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    Feb 24, 2000

    If you are serious, sorry about your loss.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings. How do you feel a year later? We all felt the pain and helplessness followed by the frustration and anger. Frustration over our failed security measures, and anger towards OBL.
    It is now a year later and it would be more interesting to ask ourselves, how has this changed us?
    for the better or for worse?
    Are we more family minded, are we hugging our loved ones more often?
    Are we less tolerant and trusting of others?
    Still harboring hatred?

    Random jibberish, I think not.
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    Perhaps not random jibberish. But definitely FFA. There is a thread over there with alot of excellent posts.

    I'm not suggesting this be moved, just pointing it out so you guys can go check it out. It's worth reading.
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    Mar 1, 1999
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    San Jose Earthquakes
    Yes, that is the appropriate forum. I will close this thread.

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