8/30/02: Still on the Pitch

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    From the Herald article:
    Hong Myung-Bo, the captain of the surprisingly successful South
    Korean World Cup team, is trying mightily to join the Los Angeles Galaxy, if
    arrangements can be made with his current Korean team, the Pohang Steelers,
    who have his services under contract through the 2003 season.

    Hong is 34 years old, and he is adamant about coming to the U.S. to play,
    according to reports in the Los Angeles Times.

    "This is the most crucial moment in my football life," Hong said on Radio Korea in
    Los Angeles. "Personally, how much money I'm going to receive is not a big
    matter. I want to remain in club football, while learning English to build my career
    as a coach in the future. At this point, MLS is one such solution

    It's been talked about here already, but its interesting to see other leagues also wantingh to hold on to their world cup stars as opposed to selling them away. Not that MlS would be able to offer any significant sorta fee.
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    For those of you into stadium stuff, from the NY Daily News Article:

    Thanks to a $6mm grant from an alum, St. John's has built a quite nice soccer specific stadium at thier campus in Queens. Capacity: 3,000. It's built on top of a parking lot, interestingly enough. Pictures, artist rending etc., at this link:
  3. Yes from what I hear its a gem. Ill be attending St Johns this year, and when I went for my orientation the last ½ week of July, only the parking structure was near done. I was wondering if it'd ever get finished. The exact stats of the stadium are 2,300 seats, $6 million, and a few luxury suites. Parking on campus is a MAJOR problem, a tad over half the studen body commutes, plus all students not in the first 2 years are allowed cars on campus.

    The St Johns tournament is one of the best, with them facing off against Indiana, and Florida Int'l, (with William & Mary thrown in there) Sept 6 and 7. games are 6 and 8 at nite, with St Johns v Indiana the nightcap on Saturday. I dont know if it'll be a sellout, but I get the feeling it'll be packed for the tourney. IM moving in tomorrow (Sat aug 31) so I'll post up here what the status of the stadium is. I hope its almost done.

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