8/26 Wycombe - QPR [R]

Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by Captain Splarg, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Captain Splarg

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    Wycombe 4 - 1 QPR.

    This was one of the most entertaining matches i have been to in quite a while. Wycombe took the lead midway through the first half with a good finish by Faulconbridge. In i believe the 38'th min the first red card of the night appeard to a QPR player, i think he wore the 8 shirt. It was for elbowing a wycombe player in the head, i was right in front of this... red was spot on.

    A clever bit of play outside the Wycombe box saw a QPR player get through on goal and calmly finish before halftime.

    The 2'nd half was just comical. Andy Rammell put Wycombe back in front on a corner. With just under 15 minutes left the fun really started. Rammell and some QPR guy (black guy on his serior debut i believe) got into it a bit and both were dismissed. A minute later Danny Senda had a bad tackle on one of your wingers. It was now 9v9. I don't remember when the other 2 Wycombe goals were scored, but oh well.... sometime in the 2'nd half.

    What a cracking match though.
  2. Michael K.

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    Entertaining for you, maybe.

    It's hard to take anything away from a match that ends with 18 players on the pitch, but it sounds like everything fell Wanderers' way. Thanks for the firsthand report Captain.
  3. Northside Rovers

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  4. Atouk

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    Boy, am I glad I wasn't able to listen to that one!
  5. QPR Kevin H

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    Terrible defending by the R's. Rob Styles - horrid referreeing yet again. Bircham red was probably right - but dont know why the Wycombe player didnt go with him. Bean's sending off was due to a ref with ZERO control of the match. They're final sending off - horrific tackle! Whoever that was should be banned for 5 matches.

    Have to beat Plymouth this weekend.

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