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    Mar 18, 2022
    It is an interesting landscape we work in, when not even P5/P4 student-athletes want to be held to challenging standards. They just want the clout, NIL deals, big bags of Nike/UA/Adi swag, and to be allowed to fail, completely unchallenged, as if nobody else's livelihood is on the line. "decent person"? They're going to eat him alive, then suddenly remember how to play the moment the new coach is hired.

    A lot of people mentioned here... I want to know what the new coach thinks/says. imo from how I read it, nobody is doing anything "incorrect" here, it's the system itself that's "wrong."
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    [QUOTE="MrIPO, post: 42153973, member:

    A lot of people mentioned here... I want to know what the new coach thinks/says. imo from how I read it, nobody is doing anything "incorrect" here, it's the system itself that's "wrong."[/QUOTE]

    Have no idea, don’t even know the status of how it ended up. I get the AD’s perspective on the new coach, and the new coach having discretion, and the kid getting to work on a back-up plan. I agree, nobody is in the wrong here. I just find it funny that schools get “butthurt” when kids try to have back-up plans. School told the kid about the situation and what to be prepared for and kid told the school.
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    Feb 26, 2023
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    Mississippi Valley State (1/18)
    Delaware State (2/1)
    Oakland (2/12 - retirement)
    Nicholls State (3/4)

    Stephen F. Austin - Ben Williams (UTSA associate head; 10/3-11/14)
    Creighton - Jimmy Walker (Bowling Green head; 10/30-11/21)
    South Florida - Chris Brown (USF associate head; 8/14-11/28)
    Purdue - Richard Moodie (South Alabama head; 10/27-11/28)
    UNC Greensboro - Stefani Workman (UNCG associate head; 11/29-11/??)***
    Kansas - Nate Lie (Xavier head; 10/24-12/4)
    Miami Florida - Ken Masuhr (Vanderbilt associate head; 11/2-12/5)
    Eastern Michigan - Taylor Clarke (Carroll [WI] head; 10/27-12/12)
    Illinois State - Raleigh DeRose (Brown associate head; 10/31-12/13)
    Boston College - Chris Watkins (Gonzaga head; 10/31-12/14)
    South Alabama - Chris Hennessey (Lee head; 11/28-12/15)
    Gonzaga - Katie Benz (Gonzaga assistant; 12/14-12/15)
    Jacksonville - Ryan Moon (Florida Tech head; 10/31-12/19)
    Xavier - Dean Ward (Lenoir-Rhyne head; 12/4-12/20)
    George Mason - Aaron Brunner (Florida State assistant; [interim; 9/15] 11/10-12/20)
    Stetson - Jamie Souza (Florida Gulf Coast assistant; 11/2-12/20)
    Bowling Green - Chris Fox (Morehead State head; 11/21-12/20)
    San Diego - Greg LaPorte (UC San Diego assistant; 11/9-12/21)
    George Washington - Jeremy Williams (former Miami FL assistant; 10/25-12/22)
    Presbyterian - Matt Smith (Kansas State assistant; 11/2-12/27)
    Marshall - Rafa Simoes (Marshall men’s assistant; 10/30-12/29)
    West Georgia - Mallory Sayre (Georgia Southern assistant; 2024 DI, interim; 5/8-1/3)
    Temple - Chris Shaw (Robert Morris head; 11/1-1/4)
    Cleveland State - Mark Sappington (Morehead State assistant; 11/3-1/5)
    Hampton - Scot Vorwold (Harris Stowe State head; 8/3?-1/8)
    Texas Southern - Kendall Ayers (Louisiana Christian head; 12/1-1/9)
    Portland State - Maureen Whitney (Portland State associate head; Co-Head Coach)~
    Gardner-Webb - Erik Solberg (UAPB head; 11/8-1/12)
    Marquette - Chris Allen (St. Louis associate head; 12/16-1/18)
    Morehead State - Paul Cox (Murray State associate head; 12/20-1/30)
    Robert Morris - Michelle Rick (Findlay head; 1/4-2/8)
    Cal State Northridge - Gina Brewer (UCLA assistant; 12/20-2/21)
    Kennesaw State - Chris Cahill (Kennesaw State assistant; 12/8-2/28)
    Texas A&M Corpus Christi - Daniel Clitnovici (Ursinius head; 1/31-3/6)
    Bellarmine - Callie McKinney (Bellarmine assistant; 3/13-3/13)
    Wyoming - Josh Purdum (Colorado State assistant; 3/5-4/10)
    Houston Christian - Nick Whiting (Western Carolina associate head; 2/20-4/16)

    ***added due to the coaching bio information. In December, it still was not “official” who would be head coach. The bio change will serve as confirmation. Officially announced that “interim” tag is removed (4/11).

    ~added due to the promotion, no coaching vacancy. Program now has “co-head coaches.”

    Just a reminder, I don’t list any until officially announced.
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    A note for what it is worth: At the women's soccer pages of the Long Island website, they have not changed the coach roster from last year. In the athletic department staff directory, however, they list Melina Couzis as the Interim Head Coach (she is listed as an Assistant Coach at the women's soccer webpages). Occasionally, interim head coach designations continue through an actual season.

    Maybe someone knows whether LIU is continuing to look for a new head coach? Or, if not, whether they have settled on Couzis for the coming year?
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    Feb 26, 2023
    Did they really re-open the Oakland job?
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    Intriguing that the women's job has been posted three times and the men's job posted two times.

    Just adding this, maybe it's supposed to be an assistant job posted -- as it's happened before in the Horizon League that an assistant job was to be posted but they post the head job again. I'm not so sure that's the case here, but maybe just hopeful that's the case.
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    Feb 26, 2023
    That would make more sense.
  9. BarneyHill

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    Apr 19, 2024

    I have known Graeme in the coaching world for close to 15 years and in various capacities from youth to college to pro. I am a female coach. I usually don't interact on these boards, but I feel compelled to as a good man is getting his character assassinated and it isn't right.

    Graeme is self-made. A product of no-excuses hard work, he's dependable, reliable, and accountable. He expects nothing to be handed to him. This is very different than the current generation of athletes where there is a lot of entitlement, "what's in it for me", "if I don't get told what I want to hear I will find a way to get what I want."

    In 15 years there has NEVER been a hint of disrespect, there has never been a hint of him being abusive or crossing lines (including in social settings among coaches away from the pitch - many can't say that.) I would love for my daughter to play for him - I'd jump at the chance. He is a high integrity, high standards individual that expects a positive attitude toward hard work and details for he knows the benefits of of having a sense of accomplishment (vs "things" getting handed to you.)
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    I think this situation with Oregon is a lot of crying wolf but you clearly have a lot of skin in this game. Come on- in 15 years this coach has “NEVER’ been disrespectful? I find it hard to believe any coach hasn’t been somewhat disrespectful at some point in a career that spans well over a decade.

    Also, if he’s a good guy (i have no perspective either way) to say you would want your daughter to play for him- do you want your daughter to play for a losing program? At the very least it doesn’t seem like he is a good coach and for that reason the Oregon seat is hot.

    I am very skeptical of a lot of the complaints by the athletes in the article and think this coach is ironically a victim of the current victim mentality in women’s sports, but this seat should be hot because they are losing at a school that I believe should be winning.
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    Mar 6, 2015
    I will say that I think that two things can exist simultaneously. There are coaches who are abusive (some of whom never get reported) AND there are coaches who deal with false accusations.

    Whether his seat should be hot or not does not excuse what people are doing if they are lying.

    I thought this article gives some interesting view points about how hard it must be to be on the other end of this . Also interesting to see a coach suing for this.....and winning

    My viewpoint is, before you jump on a bandwagon on either side, take a moment, pause and reflect; and if you don't ACTUALLY know the facts then support people as they need supported but don't add fuel to the fire.

    Also--I think the comment about not wanting your daughter to play for a losing program is a lot of what is wrong with college sports these days. The joy in sports is in the striving to win, to create a cohesive group with a shared vision and doing everything in your power to get that. Some of the programs that I have been involved with that have been losing program have had every bit as much fun/joy and been places i would prefer to have my kids play than some of the toxic top 25 programs I have been with.
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    Mar 21, 2024
    Are you saying that the players are lying about him throwing things near their heads in the locker room? If you are not saying they are lying, then do you consider that high integrity or abusive behavior?
  13. Eddie K

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    May 5, 2007
    this is the coach or his wife or something creating an account here. This statement with “NEVER” in all caps got my attention. Would like to hear what this person would say under oath. The judge or lawyers would immediately correct the record to “in your experience or observation…”

    No one on earth Always or Never does anything! Over 15 years! It’s not even a believable statement by any legitimate associate of any coach.
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    Jun 20, 2019
    A few thoughts:
    1) Sometimes coaches (and people ) change under pressure. It is easy to be a kind, attentive, positive coach and leader when your team wins all almost all of their games, everything in your own life is going well, etc. It is harder when nothing is going right. One very good coach I know quit in part because he felt that in the environment he had (resource limitations, life, etc), he couldn't be the version of himself he wanted to.
    2) Everyone who has been around soccer enough has played for or known of a coach or played against someone who coaches like the UO coach has been accused of doing. Fear based coaching is bad for everyone, but is an easy tool to revert to, and far more common than we sometimes give it credit for.
    3) There are also coaches who are bad communicators, who aren't actually trying to be fear based coaches but who can end up imparting this. Some coaches interpret a good culture as doing what the coach wants in an authoritarian way. Communication and group development is something that soccer could do a lot better at supporting. I've had much better training about this from my day job than anything I've ever gotten from soccer.
    4) We also need to do a better job on reporting about accusations. Insisting players be fit and not drink milkshakes the day before a game is pretty reasonable (and also says something about team culture--in winning teams, or even losing teams that want to win, there is no way that the leadership group will accept people doing stuff like that). That shouldn't have been reported on. Calling a player a “(expletive) idiot" or telling some in front of the team they are "not good enough to play college soccer" is pretty different.
    5) Any time you have the volume of transfers out of a program that should be a desirable place to play like UO has, it suggests that there is something wrong. Oregon is a hard place to win, and it will only get more difficult, but recent results have been quite poor.
  15. BarneyHill

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    Apr 19, 2024

    I've got zero skin in the game. Just standing up from afar for someone I highly respect from character assassination.

    Winning is nice, learning skills for lifelong success matters more (including the value of hard work, the value of honest communication, and the value of a sense of accomplishment when you have to work for something without having the path paved/smoothed for you)

    Agree with you that the seat should be hot because his record is terrible as of late. It's not because he is a terrible person or of poor character. If anything, he's recruited the wrong players. He's an exceptional soccer mind. He has likely struggled with players that don't have the same values (honesty, work ethic, no entitlement) as him and hoping it works out. He needs to be more selective in making sure that recruits and their families are a good fit values-wise before anything else or this current mess is what happens.

    Any CEO of company knows this. You hire for culture and values first.
  16. BarneyHill

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    Apr 19, 2024
    Nope. I'd say the same thing under oath too. Graeme has excellent character.
  17. BarneyHill

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    Apr 19, 2024
    I am speaking on Graeme's character from knowing him the last 15 years in numerous coaching settings from youth to pro. I have no idea what went on in the locker room but if I have to pick a side of he said - she said, I am picking his side on this one.
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    Mar 21, 2024
    You clearly have skin in this game. I do not know what went on in the locker room, but to assume the players are lying about something that would have a lot of witnesses one way or the other is a curious stance for you to take.

    I personally have a very different experience than you with Graeme. I could blow your mind, but I am not going to post it on a message forum.
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    Jul 1, 2022
    This needs to be more on top. Coaches can spot talent, the issue is a lot of them get their coaching styles and players teaching styles VERY wrong. A lot of great coaches who recruited talented players who aren’t receptive to them. Its the other side of recruiting that hardly’s ever talked about.
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    Feb 26, 2023
    Rumor has it that ALL Coaches are avoiding Oakland. Anyone have knowledge of what is going on there?
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    Feb 15, 2023
    Here I thought it was a school in Oakland, California and the reason no coach wanted to go there was obvious. Even In-N-Out knew to leave. ;)
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    they just couldn’t compete with Giant Burgers or Habit Burgers.
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    I keep hearing unrealistic expectations vs funding/support
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    I've also heard the budget was horrible and a lot of fundraising is demanded of you.
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