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    The field is bad (at least its grass?) but is on campus. The other facilities are average and academics are fine. It's just an average school, really, nothing special about it.

    They combined the D1 (Brooklyn) and D2 (Post) athletics departments after 2018 I think and now somehow operate most sports out of Post, mainly the field sports, and basketball, volleyball, and swimming (and water polo?) out of Brooklyn. They hired Collin who moved out to San Jose St. after a year. That was Covid and my understanding is that they did not provide funding for assistants - as most universities had some sort of freeze on hiring around that time - but wanted a large roster.

    Lucy was there for 3-4 years and seemed to have the program going in a good direction; I heard she was let go but cannot confirm. When she was hired I was actually a naysayer...did not think it was a good hire but she seemed to do pretty well and considering they can't hire anyone now, it may have turned out to be a very good hire.

    League is winnable but you're the 3rd out of 3 for D1 programs in the area (Hofstra and Stony Brook) and who really wants to go to school on Long Island, anyway? Some very good club soccer but no one really sticks around.

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    Any insight on what is going on at Marshall? One of my players Signed an NLI, and now is being told to look elsewhere, as they are not going to honor those NLI's?
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    new coach is going all in on international players
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    Is that the FCV kid the club coach just emailed about? If not, then there's another one.

    Think I made the point how little roster/budget room it looked like the new coach might have. Tossing suburban DMV kids aside, after finally get a few to actually choose Marshall, will not be good for business. But unfortunately, not a surprise at all.
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    Jan 24, 2018
    An NLI is a contractual agreement. The school has to honor it if she signed it.
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    Jan 28, 2014
    True, however the school can release them if they choose. The kid could fight it, but why would you stay at a place that doesn't want you!
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    It is a really crappy thing to do to those kids this late in the game. Waiting until almost March to let these kids know is cruel. Job opened in late October, and coach hired in December who was a Men’s Asst. They have known well before now what their intentions were. Gonna be really hard for these kids to find spots.

    Anybody how many kids they did this to?
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  8. First Time Finish

    Nov 4, 2016
    Not to defend this practice—I don’t agree with it and think the school should always bite the bullet—but I can imagine wanting to see the incoming class play and evaluate them before making a decision. It’s really on the school rather than the individual coach to discourage this by putting a policy in place and adjusting expectations for the timeline of improvement appropriately.
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    Nov 26, 2012
    Based on the amount of time it took to make the hire, this feels like they were turned down by multiple candidates and then went with the in-house person.
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    Delaware State (2/1)
    Oakland (2/12 - retirement)
    Houston Christian (2/20)

    Stephen F. Austin - Ben Williams (UTSA associate head; 10/3-11/14)
    Creighton - Jimmy Walker (Bowling Green head; 10/30-11/21)
    South Florida - Chris Brown (USF associate head; 8/14-11/28)
    Purdue - Richard Moodie (South Alabama head; 10/27-11/28)
    UNC Greensboro - Stefani Workman (UNCG associate head; 11/29-11/??)***
    Kansas - Nate Lie (Xavier head; 10/24-12/4)
    Miami Florida - Ken Masuhr (Vanderbilt associate head; 11/2-12/5)
    Eastern Michigan - Taylor Clarke (Carroll [WI] head; 10/27-12/12)
    Illinois State - Raleigh DeRose (Brown associate head; 10/31-12/13)
    Boston College - Chris Watkins (Gonzaga head; 10/31-12/14)
    South Alabama - Chris Hennessey (Lee head; 11/28-12/15)
    Gonzaga - Katie Benz (Gonzaga assistant; 12/14-12/15)
    Jacksonville - Ryan Moon (Florida Tech head; 10/31-12/19)
    Xavier - Dean Ward (Lenoir-Rhyne head; 12/4-12/20)
    George Mason - Aaron Brunner (Florida State assistant; [interim; 9/15] 11/10-12/20)
    Stetson - Jamie Souza (Florida Gulf Coast assistant; 11/2-12/20)
    Bowling Green - Chris Fox (Morehead State head; 11/21-12/20)
    San Diego - Greg LaPorte (UC San Diego assistant; 11/9-12/21)
    George Washington - Jeremy Williams (former Miami FL assistant; 10/25-12/22)
    Presbyterian - Matt Smith (Kansas State assistant; 11/2-12/27)
    Marshall - Rafa Simoes (Marshall men’s assistant; 10/30-12/29)
    West Georgia - Mallory Sayre (Georgia Southern assistant; 2024 DI, interim; 5/8-1/3)
    Temple - Chris Shaw (Robert Morris head; 11/1-1/4)
    Cleveland State - Mark Sappington (Morehead State assistant; 11/3-1/5)
    Hampton - Scot Vorwold (Harris Stowe State head; 8/3?-1/8)
    Texas Southern - Kendall Ayers (Louisiana Christian head; 12/1-1/9)
    Portland State - Maureen Whitney (Portland State associate head; Co-Head Coach)~
    Gardner-Webb - Erik Solberg (UAPB head; 11/8-1/12)
    Marquette - Chris Allen (St. Louis associate head; 12/16-1/18)
    Morehead State - Paul Cox (Murray State associate head; 12/20-1/30)
    Robert Morris - Michelle Rick (Findlay head; 1/4-2/8)
    Cal State Northridge - Gina Brewer (UCLA assistant; 12/20-2/21)
    Kennesaw State - Chris Cahill (Kennesaw State assistant; 12/8-2/28)

    ***added due to the coaching bio information. In December, it still was not “official” who would be head coach. The bio change will serve as confirmation.

    ~added due to the promotion, no coaching vacancy. Program now has “co-head coaches.”

    Just a reminder, I don’t list any until officially announced.
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    Jan 24, 2018
    Because it may be too late to get any money at a new school. Go there are sit on their money for at least one season. The school cannot just release a player without the student agreeing to it. It is a contract.
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    Nov 18, 2012
    Every one of your posts shows this board how awful of a person you are. You are everything that is wrong in the world today. Every single post has an agenda, is vindictive, and is the exact opposite of what I would tell anyone. My Daughter never went through this specific thing (thank God) but had friends who had some tough recruiting experiences.

    Why would you want to play for a coach who does not want you? Life has some bad things happen. This probably wasn't the first nor will it be the last. You should put together a plan with your club coach and see if you can find a place that works financially and is a better fit now. If not, a JUCO would probably be a far better "short term" solution. Telling you daughter to, out of vindictiveness , go there and "sit on your money" is a lose-lose.

    Which based on your posts, is all you have experienced your entire life.

    I am sorry that happened to this person and their daughter.
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    Jan 24, 2018
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    What??? How am I awful when I defend a player who signed an NLI in November, and gets told in late February of their senior year that new coach wants to pull said player's money? The awful person here is the new coach or admin who allows this to happen. Any player has the right to go to the school they signed for. Do you understand that the exact verbiage in an NLI says you are signing with the school and not the coach?

    Contracts are contracts. Life happens as you said. And, to the new coach, the school is bound to that contract. The coach is the one who is vindictive, not the player or family. There is money involved here jackass.

    Don't twist my words. I did not say go out of vindictiveness. I said go to the school because you have the right to based on signed NLI. They can transfer after a year if it does not work out, but they should not have to foot the bill at a new school when they were PROMISED money at the first school.

    Why have NLI's if players are not protected? What is their purpose? Please do tell, Devad? I cannot wait to hear your explanation as to why these contracts are not binding for the families. If you sign a contract to work for a company that guarantees your salary for a year, are you going to let them just cancel it because they feel like it - and will no longer pay you what you were guaranteed under signed contract? Are you going to just say, 'life happens, oh well'? I think not.
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    Apr 12, 2022
    My emoji claps did not come through…this !!!!
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    Yeah, I think the coach is doing wrong by everyone and that will come back to them. A coach who comes in and does this as their first act is ensuring pissing off everyone they will eventually need to have and sustain success.

    "Go their and sit on their money."

    Those are your words so there is no need to twist them. That is not defending anyone. Maybe you stink at using words but you sound like a 3 year old. Take your toys and go home.

    If you had said "legally they are binded to honor this, go their and prove to the coach they are making a big mistake and in a year you can decide if that school is for you."

    "Go their and sit on their money."

    That is not what you said. Life is difficult. Being a petty and vindictive person makes you no better than the coach who is cutting off his own nose. The coach is a jerk and based on this one action I would guess he will be gone in 3-5 years.

    Discussing things with you is like chasing your tail. You don't listen and you certainly "put words in other peoples minds" while you accuse people of doing that. I never said the NLI wasn't binding. I didn't even say the coach wasn't in the wrong.

    Your post history speaks for itself.
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    Dec 29, 2022
    Smart for him to get out though. MTSU coach on last year of contract and can't imagine he gets renewed. Pretty shocking how poor they were in the league even with the best teams in the league leaving for the AAC.
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    Dec 22, 2022
    Dude, learn to breathe before you reply.

    This response is embarrassing.
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    I missed the rebranding from HBU to HCU. Interesting.
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    That isn't a surprise with Simoes coming from the Marshall men's program where 18 of 21 on the roster for the upcoming year are internationals.

    Simoes does have experience in the women's game, though. I'll expect Marshall to improve but it would be hard for them not to improve.

    Pulling a spot this late is a really crappy thing to do, though.

    CASLKING Member

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    May 20, 2018
    Marshall will not improve - the quality of the foreign player will not be similar to the men’s game - in other words you are not getting the type of foreigner to come to Marshall that will help them improve.

    This job needed a coach specialized in taking difficult programs to a higher level of success. If Marshall finishes mid table it is a massive achievement..the last guy won 7 games last season…let’s see how many they win next 2 years.
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    I don't know much about these coaches personally but you could kinda see this coming. Yes, it stinks. I'd bet not all of the '24 commits where let go, I mean, encouraged to re-open their recruiting, but I know of at least 3 from very good VA clubs. I feel like a coaching cliche coming on....."the proof is in the pudding" not sure why it's pudding but we'll know pretty soon if there are better results and any new good Internationals getting minutes. You have to assume this coach has some real good players in mind, or a reliable source of good future players in mind, before alienating these brand name NoVA clubs. Not going to crack on Huntingtown, WV, it's too easy, but I don't think it's been common for Marshall to get kids from these good clubs in the past and now they've bit the hand that was feeding them. Well, one hand.
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    Nov 24, 2022
    Nicholl State is open. He will be announced HC at a Community College in the coming days.
  24. SAS_Soccer

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    Nov 17, 2021
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    Apr 12, 2022
    One Mountain West HC job 100% coming open in the next couple days…

    Yep, getting another job.

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