2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying - USA vs Mexico; November 12, 2021

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    I lived in Europe for years and in Belgium and Netherlands, football club fees are subsidized by the government.

    There are good quality pitches everywhere and in every neighborhood. I was able to assist a UEFA licensed coach and learned a lot on how football was run from the local youth clubs and academies. In my local neighborhood club, I had 3 full size pitches within 100 meters of my house that were available at a rate of 99 euros (around 120 USD or 2.500,00 Mexican pesos) for the entire season. The local neighborhood pitch quality were good enough that the Mexican U23 played the U23 Dutch team in a neighborhood pitch. I was there at the side pitch with the utilero and it was free because the Dutch want their youngsters to develop. They have divisions and “classes” within the divisions which evens the competition.

    In Mexican fútbol, you get the U23 vs Panama In Tennessee (or wherever they played) with tickets starting at 75Usd. In addition, football is almost exclusively the only sport that is played in Schengen so that also helps. In Mexico, you have football but don’t have the infrastructure in every neighborhood (At least not in north eastern Mexico).
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  2. This is nonsense. No government subsidies go to football clubs. In the Netherlands amateur sportsclubs, including soccer clubs have to match expenses with their revenues.
    All the amateur clubs are all age membership clubs, that have to pay their expenses out of the membership fees and sponsor contributions.
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    How much are membership fees in Rotterdam? I take it that is where you live. I lived in Wassenaar and The Hague and we were associated through the KNVB. One of our club fees were 400-500 euro for the season, a “private” -esque Club and also played for one( more actually) club where we paid 99 euro for an entire season per person and traveled in the region. I never understood how a club could survive on such low rates. It’s been some years I lived there and remember several things were subsidized. The Netherlands is my favorite place/country btw.




  4. The club that delivered several players for the Feyenoord Academy and from there to the Feyenoord first team and Orange squad. These membership fees are common for most clubs:

    First of all you only get coaching and training with the use of the pitches and locker rooms and your competition matches organized via the KNVB. That's all.
    All clubs are foundations (Verenigingen) and as such independant legal entities, run by the members of the club.
    So travelling, outfits etc. arenot part of the product.
    The bigger a club, the more they get in from membership fees.
    And the most important thing is that the clubs are depending on their members doing all things in the club as volunteers, many of them as non playing members. They do it for the love of the club, being part of the community. Dutch amateur clubs arenot for profit.

    This is the club with the largest number of football members, almost 2000:


    Wat krijgt een Quick’20-speler?
    • minimaal één keer per week training (tweede training gaat in overleg)
    • wedstrijdkleding verstrekt door de vereniging (shirt, short, kousen, wedstrijdpak en tas)

    Hieronder volgt een opgave van de leeftijdsgroepen van onze jeugdafdeling in het seizoen 2020-2021. De peildatum is 1 januari t/m 31 december per leeftijdscategorie.

    This club does supply the match gear

    There are clubs with multiple sports that have over 5000 members like Kampong (Malayan for village).
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  5. Of course the more sophisticated the grounds and buildings are, the more expensive a club gets
    Kampong ground:
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    Even these fees are extremely accesible especially for those clubs given the facilities. In Mexico, that structure of fútbol does not exist. In the US, definitely not. I really enjoyed that country. From our house, there were at least 8-10 clubs within 5-8 km radius. But to bring it back to Mexican football and the original comment, the “grassroots” structure between “European” football (NL in my case) and Mexican fútbol has such contrast. I lived all over the world and the Netherlands has their stuff together in this regards ( and many other things also).
  7. When France and Belgium decided their development system had to change to become successful, they adopted the Dutch example. In 2000 Germany, after being ridiculed by other football powers in confrontations, decided to change too and followed the French and Belgians. The only thing these countries couldnot replicate was our amateur system. A German official said that would take decades (without being sure it would succeed in my opinion, as this amateur voluntary system as the base of our soccer pyramid is a typical Dutch culture thing) so neither of the three even tried to copy that.
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  8. I think it would be cheaper for an American parent to send a kid into a school exchange program and let him play in a Dutch amateur club, than a year in p2p.
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    10000% percent in agreement. US youth football development is all jacked up due to the P2P but that is a different subject. it is Mexico’s players. when they get to that age to turn pro 17ish, give or take, they don’t get to go pro or debit because of the Liga Mx structure ( the original comment).
  10. Ah, these are contributions for kids from families who are very low in income or even in the situation of debt conservatorship. It's not a general subsidy for clubs.
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    I don't really like to post here but i think it's pertinent to note that was an unusually productive "failure". Not just Reyna but also Pepi, Busio and Bello were on that team and also part of the string of wins against Mexico. It just goes to show that U-17 is a crap shoot.
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    Making it to the round of 16 and always being stuck in the round of 16 with no progress is living in a world of mediocrity !!! I really cant believe most fans are happy to make it there every 4 years get eliminated and be fulfill with the result. Dios Mio come on man!!! To make the World Cup is to be able to go farther then you ever have and win the damn thing because you believe you can!!!!!!
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