PBP: 2018 ICC-w: North Carolina-PSG, Lyon-Man City

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by Gilmoy, Jul 26, 2018.

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    If it's the worst case scenario for Yuri, that leaves a spot open. The logical choice would be to activate Eddy from the DL once the 45 days are up, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Williams ended up earning a contract.

    Apparently Hinkle was extremely sick yesterday and was almost unable to play at all. I'm amazed she lasted as long as she did.

    At the very least, I hope Riley gives her a chance to earn her starting job back. Her performance against Lyon was superb.
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    I really liked Neil Morris' article about the game. An excerpt or two follow.
    • Goalkeeper Sabrina D’Angelo, who made six saves in the final, hadn’t played in a match since May 6.
    • O’Reilly didn’t play between the end of her season with Arsenal in May and joining the Courage in early July.
    • Center back Kaleigh Kurtz went undrafted out of college, then played overseas in 2017 before signing a free agent contract with the Courage this year, where she’s started only six games.
    • The last time right back Ryan Williams started a soccer game was for Texas Christian University last November
    • The last time Morgan Reid, Williams’ second-half substitute, appeared in a match before the I.C.C. was her senior season at Duke University last fall.
    ......Moreover, several players not under regular contracts, like Ryan Williams and Reid, have trained with the Courage most of the year without compensation, save for a couple of short-term deals while their national team teammates were away. These soccer players are essentially playing for the love of the game, the cheers of the fans, and, yes, the occasional chance to hoist silverware. The North Carolina Courage enjoyed all three over the last week......

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