2014 Ottawa Fury FC Players’ Notes

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    In the 2nd part of our season review on the 2014 Ottawa Fury FC season, Namu Yoon (@BBSC_SeoulBro), from Canadian Soccer News and the OFFC Review blog, and Blog Smith (@BlogFuryFC), from Metro News Ottawa, the Ours is the Fury podcast on RedNation Online and the Blog Fury FC website, weigh in on the season and comment on two aspects they liked about each player and one aspect about each player that they thought could be worked on for next season. We will focus our comments on those who played at least 5 competitive games for Ottawa and remained with the club as of the last NASL matchday.

    You can weigh in on the comments section below, or harp at us on Twitter! We’d like to once again extend our thanks and congratulations to all the Ottawa Fury FC players, coaches and the on/off-field staff, and we hope they enjoy their well-deserved rest and vacations.


    GK Romuald Peiser – Namu Yoon (NY): Can make spectacular saves, and can pull off a string of good saves. Could do better on 1-on-1 chances and breakaway chances. Blog Fury FC (BF): A strong leader that can make unbelievable saves; however, often gets flustered in a crowd.

    GK Devala Gorrick – NY: Great reflexes, and communicates strongly with his defenders. Could do better on aerial balls and crosses into the area. BF: Has a high competitive level and great positioning, but is lacklustre in air.


    LB/CB Ramon Soria – BF: A versatile, smart defender who can deliver great deep crosses into box, but should work on defending in space.NY: Good bursts up the field with the ball, and versatile on both the left flank and in centre. Sometimes beat for pace by faster wingers.

    LB/RB O’Brian Woodbine – BF: Quick, tough defender always a threat to join the attack but is sloppy at times and gives away too many fouls. NY: Confident in both attack and defense, and can match faster wingers for pace. Outmuscled by more physical wingers time to time.

    CB/LB Mason Trafford – BF: The team's workhorse is a tenacious defender. Is an average, not spectacular, all-around player. NY: Composed in central defense, and initiates a significant number of attacks with good passing. Needs to win more aerial duels on crosses and long balls from the opposition half.

    CB Omar Jarun – BF: Is physically unmatched on the field, and is an offensive threat on set-pieces. However, is often caught out of position by his lack of speed.NY: Very aggressive and physical, and leads the back four well with strong communication. Ball control could be better, with quicker passes out of the backline.

    CB/RB Drew Beckie – BF: The best slide-tackler on team has the ability to mark anyone on the field, but must work to avoid costly mistakes. NY: Hustles for the ball, and makes brave tackles and shots blocked. Needs to ensure that clearances get the ball out of the danger area.

    RB/CB Ryan Richter – BF: Strong on the ball and great in anticipating when to push forward in attack, but lacks focus sometimes and must work on being more team-first. NY: Very good with the ball while attacking on the right flank, and is physical on defense. Needs to ensure consistency, with fewer mistakes on the ball in our own half.


    CM/CAM Sinisa Ubiparipovic – NY: Great imaginative passing, and fine technique on the ball. Should help out on defense more if playing in central midfield. BF: The best pure dibbler on the team who runs at defenders creating offensive opportunities, but lack of conditioning cost him down the stretch.

    DM Richie Ryan – NY: Wide and composed vision from central midfield, and makes strong tackles in midfield. Can not be allowed to get caught up field while playing as the only defensive midfielder. BF: Arguably the best passer in the league and the club’s vocal leader. However, his marking is poor for a DM, and he simply needs to run more.

    DM/CM Mauro Eustaquio – NY: Good passing on long balls to the wingers and fine tackling in centre mid. Must be careful not to get caught in possession holding on to the ball. BF: Plays the game like a veteran player and has great range and is an adept defender, but a bad mistake cost Fury final match of season.

    CM/RM Tony Donatelli – NY: Smooth link-up between midfield and offense, and always seems to find the open man. Must improve speed to help out on defense and to get into the opposing penalty area. BF: A physical presence in midfield with great vision and is patient under pressure, but lacks imagination and creativity in final third.

    CM/RM Nicki Paterson – NY: Good through passes and energetic in the midfield. Could improve on being more accurate with long-range shots and passing. BF: Not afraid to take a shot, and will track back and defend; unfortunately, he disappears in some matches and must work on making more medium to long passes.


    LW/RW/CAM Oliver Minatel – BF: Fury's leading scorer while playing limited minutes is a rare goal-poaching winger. Doesn't always bring his A-game and needs to improve an inconsistent work rate. NY: Great athleticism in the penalty area, and brave in the air. Could get more involved in the build-up play with the striker.

    LW P.R. Mayard – BF: Strong and quick with the ability to stretch opposing defenses down the flanks; however, his technique needs to be worked on for him to stand out. NY: Enthusiastic on the left flank, and can cross the ball well. Should attempt to pick out the right short passes when needed.

    CF Tom Heinemann – BF: Tremendous work-rate with an uncanny resilience to constant hard tackles/fouls; however, must do better to create scoring chances on his own. NY: Great physical presence up top, and can finish a variety of different chances. Could work on better positioning for the aerial duels.

    CF/CAM Vini Dantas – BF: An accomplished possession-type dribbler with incredible vision to create great goal-scoring opportunities; however, should work on becoming a more clinical finisher. NY: Really good play with the back to the goal, and can pick out nice chipped passes. Must provide a stronger presence in the penalty area.

    RW/LW Carl Haworth – BF: Is very quick with exceptional close-quarter ball control and isn't lacking confidence and skill to pull off the unbelievable. Needs to work on playing in space and crossing the ball. NY: Very energetic and aggressive and a good example to follow on the pitch. Could work on getting into and getting more involved inside the penalty area.

    RW/RB Philippe Davies – BF: The best crosser on the team who plays defense as well as he does wing. Needs to become more well-rounded to be a consistent starter. NY: Best crosser on the team, and nice technique on the flanks. Could look for more involvement in the offensive buildup and on defense.

    Other Fury FC Players

    GK Marcel DeBellis, GK Chad Bush, LB Maykon Araujo, CB Kenny Caceros, RB Andres Fresenga, CM Hamza Elias, CM Zakaria Messoudi

    You can follow Namu Yoon on Twitter at @BBSC_SeoulBro, and his blog on Ottawa Fury FC at OFFCReview.wordpress.com, and at @OFFCReview.

    You can follow Blog Smith on Twitter at @BlogFuryFC, and his blog on Ottawa Fury FC at BlogFuryFC.wordpress.com, and his contributions to the Ours is the Fury podcast at @OttawaFury.
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    So, who would you be sad to see go from the group that you have reviewed above? Anyone that you think should be replaced on the squad?
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    Sorry, missed your comment. I do have a few names in mind...

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