2013 Rugby League World Cup Regarding Wealth And Population Amount

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    Here are the economic results from the tournament. Next to each country is the amount of approximated specific available population that can potentially contribute to the rugby infrastructure there directly or indirectly. Available population is defined by people living on at least the equivalent of 10 USD per day and in between the ages of 15 and 64.

    GROUP STAGE: 11/19 (58%)
    KNOCKOUT STAGE: 4/6 (67%)
    TOTAL: 15/25 (60% victories for countries with more available population)
    COUNTRIES (14)
    France: 21.3
    England: 17.3
    Italy: 9.9
    United States: 6.6
    Australia: 7.9
    New Zealand: 3.0
    Wales: 2.0
    Scotland: 1.7
    United Ireland: 1.0
    Papua New Guiniea: 0.3
    Fiji Samoa: 0.1
    Cook Islands Tonga: 0.0
    TOTAL: 71.2
    AVERAGE: 5.1


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