2010 World Cup...in the USA?

Discussion in 'Soccer in the USA' started by NebraskaAddick, May 2, 2007.

  1. NebraskaAddick

    Aug 26, 2005
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    United States
    There is serious doubt right now as to whether South Africa will be able to host the World Cup in 3 years. They have not progressed the way they should have by now, and things do not look good. The stadium-building has barely begun, their infrastructure still poses many problems, their crime rates are high, and their government is lacking funds.

    It would be disastrous for African football if they cannot pull this off, but as I'm sure FIFA has some backup plans in place, one of those last-minute hosts could be us.

    So what do you think about that, huh? The first time was great, it kicked off MLS, but the second time would be even better, don't you think? What a time to come here, just as MLS is looking to turn it up a notch. It could further solidify the sport's hold in this country.

    I do hope South Africa can pull it off, though, because African nations need this. But it takes a lot of money and resources, and they either have it or they don't. So let's be ready.
  2. green94

    green94 Member

    Jan 1, 2007
    Hamburger SV
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    Phew, someone finally addressing this issue...:rolleyes:
  3. dcpohl

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    Feb 9, 2007
    FC Barcelona
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    United States
    Personally, I think I'd rather have it in 2014 because I think our 2014 team will be better than our 2010 team, therefore giving us a better chance for a deeper run. But I'll take whatever World Cup we can get.
  4. JeremyEritrea

    JeremyEritrea Member+

    Jun 29, 2006
    Takoma Park, MD
    DC United
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    United States
    Jesus, this crap again?

  5. BigGuy

    BigGuy Red Card

    Apr 12, 2007
    There has already been talk about the US doing it. It could very well happen and why not the 1994 WC was a great success by anyones standards.
  6. CommonSense

    CommonSense Member

    Jul 12, 2006
    Wow, I actually think our 2010 team could be absolutely fantastic and take the world by storm. With players like Ferrari, Altidore, Felihaber, Charlie Davies, Adu, Bradley, Rico, and a slew of other young starlets coming into their prime and DMB, Deuce, Gooch, Dolo, Convey, Mapp, and Landon all still in their 20s, we will have the deepest, most experienced and most talented pool in US history. Coupled with the tail end of the Beckham MLS mania, where soccer will likely be at it's most popular status ever (IMO) it would be the perfect time for another US WC.

    IMO, they'll let this play out as long as possible, allowing SA every opportunity, unless SA admits soon they can't do it.

    If so, the US will be the only real option to host, other than maybe Germany, as we're the only nation with the infrastructure to complete such an event in a short period of time.
  7. ruud van semz

    ruud van semz Red Card

    Dec 27, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    call me a sooky la la but i think it would be kind of unfair to other nations if usa got another world cup when your last one was only 13 years ago. im not saying australia should get it (we're not ready anyway). but surely there are other nations that could be emergency aswell. like england who havnt hosted in almost 50 years.
  8. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Madison, WI
    FC Bayern München
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    United States
    The US is not the only option to host, but they would be near the top. England would be an obvious choice also, but there are also several other countries in Europe that have the infrastructure and stadiums -- Germany, France, Italy, maybe Holland. Heck, even Mexico or Australia could take on the task.

    The US may be a likely choice, but we are far from being the only "real" option.
  9. rangers00

    rangers00 Member

    Jun 1, 2000
    Europe is not likely to host two consecutive World Cups.

    With that in mind, who are the "real" options?

    - Mexico? a 3rd time?
    - Australia? are they ready yet?
    - Brasil? Brasil would be a good choice if they have all the stadiums and infrastructure ready, but I think their target is 2014; if they are not ready by 2010 and USA gets it, Brasil is screwed.
    - USA? I think the U.S. is a very legitimate choice.

    The World Cup hasn't been in the Americas for 16 years, so Concacaf or Conmebol is the favorite.

    And if Africa blows it this time, they can forget about staying in the rotation...
  10. I do not want it in 2010 as it would now mean the US is the back up WC spot (WWC 2003 and WC 2010). WWC 1999 was more enjoyable than WWC 2003 because the promoters had years to get the hype going. The same with the World Cup. I would rather 6 years of slowly building hype, ads in soccer stadia, sponsors getting on board, than a hastily thrown together WC.
  11. Warbuxx

    Warbuxx Member

    Jun 23, 2002

    And it's much better to wait until the sport has grown some more and is better understood in this country than to have another cup with soccer bashers and ignorant espn sportscenter talking heads having a field day.

    Let the sport grow naturally and organically here via exposure to Copa America, EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, the European Championships and of course MLS. Then when we do a WC, we'll do it right and it'll be a blast.
  12. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Madison, WI
    FC Bayern München
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    United States
    Europe hosting 2 WCs in a row is not that out of line when suggesting that the Americas host to in a row -- US 2010, Brazil 2014. England has only hosted once, which was 1966.

    Australia likely could be ready considering that rugby stadiums would work and their infrastructure is fine.

    Mexico may be a stretch since they've hosted twice I'll admit. What about Canada though? Several CFL stadiums that are plenty big enough for soccer fields (the CFL plays on longer and wider fields than the NFL).

    Yes, I think the US is a very legit choice, but I don't believe we are the only choice.
  13. BigGuy

    BigGuy Red Card

    Apr 12, 2007
    Whats comming up later the European championships being played in Austria and Switzerland 2008 any one get their tickets for that yet?

    Too close to Germany to get the next WC I think especially right after getting the last WC.
  14. equus

    equus Member

    Jan 6, 2007
    If there are two things the US can do it's get up to speed on just about any event fast, and market and hype it quickly.

    WC1994 was a huge success (regardless of the USMNT's performance) and we had arguably much less exposure to soccer in this country than we do currently. The bashers and SportsCenter anchors are going to be there no matter what. They have been for 40 years.

    First year attendance of MLS games after the 94 WC were quite good. Whether the World Cup affected that or whether it was the newness of the league is debatable. But it had to have some influence. I can't see it being bad for soccer in general in the US whether it's in 2010, 2014 or 2018.
  15. rangers00

    rangers00 Member

    Jun 1, 2000
    No, if USA hosts 2010, I don't think Brasil will get 2014. That's why I said Brasil would be screwed.

    It would probably be Europe 2014, Asia 2018, Americas 2022.
  16. RichardL

    RichardL BigSoccer Supporter

    May 2, 2001
    Reading FC
    Nat'l Team:
    Australia really doesn't have many big rugby stadiums - I think only 3 over 25,000 or so (with half as dozen or so around that number).

    The rest of their big grounds are all ovals.
  17. nutbar

    nutbar New Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    Maybe Austria and Switzerland can host the 2010 World Cup as well...
  18. krudmonk

    krudmonk Member+

    Mar 7, 2007
    S.J. Sonora
    San Jose Earthquakes
    We have a ton of great venues now (thanks NFL) but the two biggest markets have ************ stadiums. The US can wait.
  19. ruud van semz

    ruud van semz Red Card

    Dec 27, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    right now we have a few stadiums that are ready and nothing needs to be done to them

    mcg, oval and 100,000
    telstra stadium, rectangle and 85,000
    telstra dome, oval and 56,000
    suncorp stadium, rectangle and 60,000

    there are other afl grounds with large capacities but they wont be suitable at all.

    either way you look at it, we are not ready. it will be better for us to host in 2018 after we have built a few stadiums for the tournament and set everything up right. there is also the issue of afl season being on during the world cup.. the government will probably make them take a month or 2 off or use the stadiums that arent being used for the world cup.
  20. CommonSense

    CommonSense Member

    Jul 12, 2006
    I was saying that if FIFA allows this to play out as long as possible (2007 Confeds), the U.S. is the only real candidate to host one on 1 years notice. If the UK hosted on 1 years notice there would be a lot of games played in 30k capacity stadiums. There's at least 24 stadiums capable of holding 60K+ capacity without any renovations or building.

    Really, what nation has a larger number of huge stadiums and the infrastructure to handle the crowds built and ready to go at a moments notice? VERY few nations can prepare for a WC in 1 year.

    If a choice is made even 2 years prior that opens the doors for many nations, but 1 year is not enough to build and renovate...
  21. nutmegapparel

    nutmegapparel New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    portugal for 2010 ahhahah but that would be sweet in usa
  22. Slotback

    Slotback Member

    Jun 19, 2004
    We have infrastructure in place.

    Look at the stadium options (likely) available:
    New York (Meadowlands)
    RFK or Redskins Stadium in DC
    Ford Field in Detroit
    Soldier Field in Chicago
    Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis
    Jerry's World in Dallas
    Reliant Stadium in Houston
    Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, AZ
    Georgia Dome (possible)
    Rose Bowl
    ....and on and on.

    The 2010 WC in the USA is a real possibility.
  23. newjerseyboy

    newjerseyboy New Member

    Apr 13, 2005
    WC 2010 is definately going to happen in the US. Shouldnt Mexico have a shot to host it too. They hosted it last in 86 and their team wasnt able to compete because they were banned. Either way i think its coming to the western hemisphere.

    As far as the FIFA rotation of the world cup Sepp Blatter has said that after 2014 Brazil, the rotation strategy is done.

    This being said, if this world cup in South Africa doesnt happen, it will be a dark day for all of African soccer, because they might never get another shot at it. Thats the real injustice here
  24. Roehl Sybing

    Roehl Sybing Guest

    Couldn't care less.
  25. Joe Stoker

    Joe Stoker Member

    Mar 10, 2003
    Just had to jump in with my two euros. The world elite appear bound and determined to pull this thing off in South Africa largely for the sake of appearance. Despite the rot inside the continent, they want to show off a pretty whitewashed sepulchure as a feel-good pretty-face to the outside civilized world.

    Africa's World Cup. How nice.

    Blatter and his bilious bastards.

    Off the soap box.

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