2002 W-League "All-Atlantic" Division Teams

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    2002 W-League "All-Atlantic" Division Teams

    Charlotte's Tina Murphy named
    Atlantic Division Player of the Year.

    Charlotte Lady Eagle's front-runner Tina Murphy was selected Atlantic Division Player of the Year by a panel of Atlantic Division Coaches and General Managers.

    Murphy led her team to the W-League Championship
    game for the third consecutive year, and led all players in voting for the All-Atlantic Division team. She received four of a possible six first-place votes.

    Other players named to the first team were:
    Elizabeth Baidu (D, Northern Virginia)
    Adjoa Bayor (M, Northern Virginia)
    Izler Browne (D, Asheville)
    Kele Golebiowski (F, Hampton Roads)
    Kathy Hoverman (GK, Hampton Roads)
    Deanna Kreidel (D, Charlotte)
    Jen Lewis (D, Charlotte)
    Nkiru Okosieme (M, Charlotte)
    Joey Peters (M, Charlotte)
    Sandra Roos (F, Jacksonville)

    Second Team:
    Heather Bridgewater (GK, Greensboro)
    Judith Chime (GK, Asheville)
    Jen Farina (F, Northern Virginia)
    Meredith Flaherty (D, Tampa Bay)
    Jackie Jewell (D, Jacksonville)
    Tracy Mulligan (M, Jacksonville)
    Amanda Mueller (D, Greensboro)
    Joy Nsubuga (F, Greensboro)
    Carrie Proost (M, Hampton Roads)
    Kate Queen (M, Asheville)
    Natalie Stallings (D, Hampton Roads)

    The players were selected by the Coaches and General Managers of the W-League's Atlantic Division. No person could vote for their own players.

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