11/13 Colossal Collapse

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by kpaulson, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Good feature article by Dwight Chapin of the San Francisco Chronicle, on Quakes' forward Jamil Walker.

    A couple of nice points towards the end of the piece...

    (1) Walker, who was just a fourth-round draft choice, has played primarily in relief for Quakes coach Frank Yallop, entering games late to provide energy and instant offense.

    "Frank wants me to come in and unsettle things, and get on the end of stuff offensively,'' Walker said, "and I think I've improved a lot. Everybody pushes me to be better. The coaches make me practice extra time after (the regular) practice. I'm just developing, but I feel like it's been a good year for me.''

    Capped by what happened on Sunday night.

    Walker knows the Quakes easily could have given up after falling behind the Galaxy 2-0 in the first half of that game.

    "But we didn't,'' he said. "We never got down on ourselves. We knew we had time, and we knew we could score. We pretty much just talked to each other and said we just have to keep on playing.''

    (2) U.S. men's national team coach Bruce Arena, who was at the game, took note, not only of the Quakes' performance, but of Walker's role.

    "The kid had a fantastic game,'' Arena said earlier this week. "He's a walking advertisement for the league. You look at this kid who came on at the beginning of the year and was really raw, inexperienced and not ready to play, and he got a goal and was dangerous. It's pretty noticeable that he's made considerable improvement.''

    Walker also said that San Jose was the only club that would give him a chance to prove himself-- and he's been making the most of that opportunity this season, both as a supersub and in the odd start here and there (such as in the playoffs).
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    Anyone else see the halftime interview with Doug Hamilton the other night?

    I'm not sure I trust that guy to make any important decisions - whether it's regarding the Galaxy coaching staff, or more generally the running of MLS' model franchise - and if I was a Galaxy fan, I'd be nervous.

    In fairness, I'm sure it's hard to conduct an interview where you're largely being asked questions in a language you don't understand (despite the translation), but he just didn't come off as a particularly impressive fellow.
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    Hi, Kevin Paulson:

    What would the Republic of Texas' soccer fans do without your daily summaries?

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    Club America USA in 2004...

    Two choices, San Jose or Houston...

    we know they've been discussing to buy San Jose...

    but for Houston would that mean an expansion team? or a purchase of SJ and move them to Houston???
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    I would bet against the latter. Indications are that stadium negotiations in NoCal are more advanced than would make moving them feasible.

    Same goes for pretty much all the other teams, unless you believe that the Krafts want out of MLS.

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