10 Greatest Rock Bands

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    Its still my favorite album of all time.

    And how come no one has The Beach Boys on their list?
  2. benine

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    Jul 22, 2002
    1)The Beatles
    2) The Stones
    3) U2
    4) The Clash
    5) Pink Floyd
    6) CCR
    7) Nirvana
    8) The Kinks
    9) Pearl Jam
    10) G'nR

    Note: I've never been able to get into Led Zepplin due in large part to Robert Plant's voice, but i do recognise their importance to rock music...they just dont make my list. The Who falls much in the same path, but I think the concept of what the Who represented in terms of attitude and non-commercialized imaging far outweighs any musical contribution they made as a whole. Metallica would make the list but have shot every bit of cred down the toilet (Ride the Lightning and Kill 'em All are still two of my favorite albums ever, where as Load, ReLoad and Garage Inc, as well as the Napster thing demonstrate what the term :sell out: means).

    Top 10 bands of 'the now':
    1) U2
    2) Godspeed/Silver Mt. Zion/Set Fire to Flames
    3) The Strokes ('they are so rich' does not discredit good music...face it, indie kids: you use that reasoning as why you dont like them you are being nothing but stuckup in your hippster ways)
    4) Flaming Lips
    5) The Doves
    6) Spoon
    7) Trail of Dead
    8) Unwound (RIP)
    9) Tarantula Hawk
    10) Supergrass

    there you go.
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    Velvet Underground

    The Stooges/Iggy Pop

    New York Dolls

    The Ramones

    Patti Smith

    Sex Pistols

    The Clash

    Stiff Little Fingers

    Dead kennedys


    Black Flag

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