1. solidarity19eighty
      See, I was right.

      When no counter-arguments were possible, you and your buddies resorted to crying racism and censoring other viewpoints.

      You are no different than extremist of the past you spend your day trashing. Couldn't construct an argument so you ran to censorship.
    2. deuteronomy
      nice to see you back, here . .
      1. gmonn repped this.
      2. deuteronomy
        Send me a pm, I have something to share with you. Thanks . .
        Apr 7, 2016
    3. Mestes
    4. Rickdog
      Thanks for the rep. I`m a Bielsa fan, cause I strongly believe him as being a honest hard working guy. Sincerely if he signs for the USA, I wish you the best as he deserves it.
    5. Bolivianfuego
      I am not alllowed to post on the Freddy Adu thread :p but DK stated how "I dont remember much folks speaking out against the hype" But as a DC fan, many of us were NOT behind freddy because he was too small, not used to the style and agressive nature/ tough reffing of the MLS, and when he would play he played very timid at first, and towards the end never quite was the player that was getting paid double a Jaime Moreno in his prime was.

      It did rub us the wrong way (DC Fans) and when he left, it was like "the witch is dead" feeling, with all the hype and bad auroa that left with him to RSL. I actually was never a big fan of his until his time he left the MLS/ his time at the U20 WC. I knew he was talented, but still left alot to be desired given his age and how much he was showing still.
    6. Kermmy803
      If you can't handle the neg-rep you get for questions already answered if you would simply read the thread, maybe you shouldn't be posting at all on BS. Hope that made you feel good.
    7. jfcule
      Thanks. They probably would've made me change it though, so I did.
    8. Arteta's Girl
      Arteta's Girl
      Thanks for repping me ages ago, you probably dont remember but I thought I'd mention it!! :)
    9. blacksun
      I have no idea.
    10. ImaPuppy
      You seriously neg repped me for exposing a flaw in logic? Awww I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Go ADU!!!11!!!11!!!1 SAVIOR OF U.S. SOCCER11!1!!!11! No wonder you are friends with #1 F and Adu, ha.
    11. Arteta's Girl
      Arteta's Girl
      Hey thanks for the rep :)
    12. kingkong1
      Those R9's fan club guys sound just too fanatic! More than we Brzlns ourselves lol ...

      Thnx for rep!...
    13. Dulliwhig
      Thanks man.
    14. bungadiri
      Saw your report. I don't think he means any harm by the comment.
    15. gmonn
      Even though I said you were either drunk or a zen master? :) Okay, thank you, same for me.
    16. old_carioca_in_nyc
      anyone who is a friend of kingkong1 is also my friend!
    17. kingkong1
      Hey, Gmonn, where are you? :) ...
    18. kingkong1
      Hi Gt,

      You've been very kind with me most of the time, and I'd like to thank you, besides adding you as a friend.

      BTW, how incredibly arrogant can be some people like Teso dos Bichos, for example, who thinks is a kind of Pope in the Forum, snobbishly distributing reprimends & scoldings to everybody...

      His attacks on 'aesthetics' are simply hilarious: I imagine how must be his wife (if any can stand him) lol ...

      In name of coherence she must be a 'tribufu' (slang for a real ugly lady in Brazil)..

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