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    1. vaquero28
      Yet for some reason when I reply in kind it is taboo?? I have to suffer personal insults and he is treated as a victim. I would like to have you cancel my entire ability to read and post. Please block my URL and OC address and let's get this over with.....Regards, Joseph A Linzner, Grandpa...PS you quoted my post thus I am certain I am again the NASTY one and so get it done please.....
    2. vaquero28
      You know he IS on ignore as are a few others, however I logged onto a different computer as a guest and his posts that continually are aimed at me serve no purpose other than to belittle. I rarely post any longer quite simply because of GVs belligerence and dirty language. It seems he is the only one that can get personally and verbally abusive without consequence.
    3. vaquero28
    4. vaquero28
      Sorry to do it again, our posts must have crossed else I would not have added the last sentence...Apologize .... will always log on, thanks for giving me some slack....
    5. Tom Collingsworth
      Tom Collingsworth
      I know he isn't techincally breaking any rules but look over jcgo's posts on the YA board bungadiri. This guy is subtle but make no mistake he looks for any opportunity to make negative posts about our Yanks. I've never once seen this guy make a positive post. The only information he provides is relishing in the "facts" of one our our guys missing the 18 or not making the squad.
    6. Bite o' the Cherry
      Bite o' the Cherry
      By any chance, did you bin a post from deuteronomy today from that ridiculous thread about Edu?
    7. ttrevett
      Can you make a thread for Dempsey in Yanks Abroad that is a "updates only" thread? The other thread is fine but it would be nice to have a thread that is with new transfer status updates only, kind of like the Adu thread some time back?
      1. bungadiri
        Sorry, I didn't see this when you first posted it. For some reason I never got a notification.
        Jul 13, 2012
    8. IVO !
      IVO !
      Your message is a lie, and your infraction is ridiculous and outrageous.
    9. Bolivianfuego
      I try :p

      At the end of the day, this is a message board. Why lose your cool over differences? I am not like the people who disagree with me. I can control myself.
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    10. vaquero28
      the continual belittling of individual posters by the triumvirate, GV, Zoidnut,Nearpost and lately OtGod is downright hilarious. Anyone who disagrees or posts an opinion is fodder for rude posts and put downs and vulgarities. Am glad they are allowed to do this, and Zoidy in particular is insulting to an entire group of those who wish to see a positive. It is a parody that the level of moderation is unequal. One can disagree but as usual they bully people verbally.
      I still say the preferential treatment is ridiculous. When one replies in kind woe is they. I haven't been posting but in reply to nonsense, non soccer. May they post in glory and may you turn a blind eye. Merry Christmas.
    11. timnicebutdim
      A user called cityrob has left me negative feedback, can you ask him why. I don't think new forum members should be treated this way because they have a different opinion.
    12. SoDamnSmooth
      Hi... how are you?
      Just wanted to stop by and yep, you're still an asshole lol
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    13. vaquero28
      Just posted by your hero GV.....
      He didn't. Bradley just wasn't farting magic Euro pixie dust.

      Its that same magic Euro pixie dust that has people convinced that playing 4 defenders, 3 DMs, 2 over-matched wingers and a lone striker is attacking soccer.

      Here you go how xenophobic is that??? Oh brother what a crock. Tell me he loves Europeans?? Sad you team up with a bigot, cause that is what he is..
    14. siva66
      lol at my infraction. Sensitive much?
    15. USAsoccer1
      I don't know how to report negative rep from a troll so I am cutting a pasting it to you:
      [IMG] November Friendlies 20 Oct 2011 05:08 PM Phenom hahahaahahahahahhaha ********ing idiot.
    16. Juturna67
      Thanks for the infraction. "This is not a USA Mex rivalry forum. Do not post that nonsense again, please." So that means you gave WessoMan an infraction as well right? After all, he was the one the first brought Mexico into that discussion and began criticizing our players.
    17. ipaman
      you infracted me for calling ONE dude a dumb@ss, but that dude just called an entire culture gullible sob's, but your cool with that. apparently a personal attack is worse than entire culture/country attack. you're so smart...
      1. Pietro Calcio repped this.
    18. Brandinho
      Banishment understood and accepted, perhaps I was out of line. I just get animated. I hope you did something to the internet tough guy who was ready to cyber-kick my ass over the compute from Georgia though. At least a warning. After all, like I said, I wasn't being racist whatsoever.
    19. Curva Nord
      Curva Nord
      Not sure that you understood my comments then if I get an infraction for that. What I stated was "Hope that ICE set up the friendly instead of SUM." Now possibly 'maybe' would have been a better choice of words than "hope" but the point of the post is that it is crazy to have a friendly a couple of months after the two nation competed in the confederations final. Hence the reason to look for another reason.

      Instead you card me because you thought I said "all mexican fans are illegals". The post said nothing like that or came close to that. I really think you need to look in the mirror and worry about your own issues instead of trying to foster them on to other people's posts.
      1. Pietro Calcio repped this.
    20. Horsehead
      damn bunga, your visitor page is a mess. You need a friendly post here. :)

    21. Soyred
      whatever. infraction because i am content about mexico asking americans to salute the champions???? maybe when you learn how to lose properly you lot will learn how to win you classless banana. tough to dominate a sport when there's more than one team to overcome eh?? GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    22. krudmonk
      Nice iron fist....
    23. Sanchito
      One of my pet
    24. Black Tide
      Black Tide
      whilst I understand your job as a moderator is not easy, you could have simply edited or had asked me to remove something that was obviously a joke. The red card was totally uncalled for.

      Edit: On top of the fact that the rest of the post was completely valid.
    25. ignatz brick
      ignatz brick
      its no problem, I just figured it was inappropriate since it had a swear in it haha :) thanks!
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