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  1. If there is enough interest I will try to post the ratings of YA in the Dutch leagues. Think it is handy to keep it in one spot.
    So for this last weekend (remember that 1 is terrible and 10 is unbelievable):
    Miazga got a 6.5
    O'neill 6.5
    Rubin 4:( He really needs to up his game, because this is heading downwards (the last rating was already a louzy 5.5)

    (by the way, donot dare to make jokes about x rated:sneaky:)
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    Payne? And whose ratings, voetbal?

    Also, might be worth putting this in the main forum as Gameday get much less traffic.
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  3. Up to the moderator to decide.
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  5. So the Allmighty Mod has decided:cool: (just kissing azz)
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    Don't mess with the Bunga. That's always been my motto!
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  9. Okay, I can add another one to the list, Gedion Zelalem at VVV Venlo.
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  10. This weekend only one got rated. (by Voetbal International)
    O'neill: MVV 1-1 NAC; rating=6.0
    Miazga too little time played to rate
    Payne didnot play
    Zelalem didnot play

    Just some facts about NAC:
    They have the largest selection of the Jup.League (with RKC), 30 heads strong (compared to the rest:VVV 26, MVV 24, FC Volendam 22, Helmond Sport 27, Cambuur 25, Almere City 25, FC Eindhoven 24 en RKC 30.)
    5 are hired from Manchester City: James Horsfield, Ashley Smith-Brown, Manu Garcia, Thomas Agyepong & Brandon Barker. Jorn Brondeel hired from Lierse SK, Shane O’Neill hired from Cypriotic Apollon Limassol, Charni Ekangamene hired from Zulte Waregem en Jari Oosterwijk hired from FC Twente.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Now that Gedion Zelalem has completed his loan move to Dutch side VVV-Venlo, he’s set the record straight on the awkward ‘interview’ imposed on him by a reporter in the club’s parking lot the other day.

    In the video, originally posted by Dutch publication Omroep Venlo, the USA youth international looked less than pleased to be the subject of attention. It now turns out it was for a good reason. Without the paperwork for his move being finalised he wasn’t actually allowed to talk to anybody from the media.

    In his first interview with VVV-Venlo’s official site, Zelalem explained: “I’m not that arrogant guy, I’m very happy to be here.

    “The cameraman came out of nowhere, so I didn’t really know what to say and I didn’t want to look straight into the camera. I felt awkward just even walking there and being followed by the camera. I’m very happy to be here and very happy to get started.”

    Young Gedion also touched on how it is, that he has ended up swapping the Premier League for the Dutch second tier, drawing attention to his desire for game time and the influence of Arsenal Academy head, Andries Jonker.

    “Last year, I was on loan at Rangers where I had a great time. We got promoted to the top division there. I went back to Arsenal and then from the beginning of the season until now

    “I wasn’t getting a lot of game time because they have a lot of midfielders. There’s top competition with the midfielders they have so I wanted to get first team football because I’ve had it already.

    “I wanted more of a taste and hopefully I’ll get promoted here [to the Eredivisie] as well.”

    He added: “Andries Jonker, who I’m sure a lot of Dutch football fans know about him, as he was an assistant to Louis van Gaal…he told me I needed to come to a team that has a lot of the ball, that’s maybe top of a league so I can get on the ball and show my talent.

    “[He said] I’ll perform better in a lower league rather than an Eredivisie team which wouldn’t be so good for me. I agreed with him, so I came here. I hope to show what I can do.”

    You can watch the rest of the interview below.
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  12. From the VVV site:
    "Manager Voetbal Stan Valckx: "In eerste instantie zijn wij te rade gegaan bij PartnerClub West Ham United, echter konden zij ons dit type speler niet bieden. Wij zijn altijd op zoek geweest naar buitenkansjes en nu deed zich deze unieke kans voor, die wij met beide handen hebben aangegrepen. Gezien het aantal wedstrijden dat we nog spelen en de breedte van onze selectie, is Gedion een welkome versterking".

    Marco Bogers, algemeen directeur: "we zijn blij dat Arsenal ons deze mogelijk biedt. Onze PartnerClub West Ham United hebben we hierover ingelicht. De gesprekken over deze huurovereenkomst zijn prima verlopen. Het papierwerk neemt, i.v.m. een internationale huurovereenkomst, meer tijd in beslag. Gelukkig is vandaag alles rondgekomen en is Gedion vanaf heden speelgerechtigd voor onze club.

    Wij wensen Gedion veel succes bij onze club en hopen dat hij zijn bijdrage kan leveren aan de prestaties dit seizoen.
    Google translate with fsf corrections ;between () the removed GT text:
    "Manager Football Stan Valckx: "Initially we asked for advice from partner club West Ham United, but they could not offer us this type of player. We are always seeking out opportunities and now this unique opportunity presented itself, which we welcomed and seized with both hands. Given the number of games that we play and breadth of our selection, Gedion is a welcome enhancement. "

    Marco Boogers, CEO: "We are delighted that Arsenal offers us this opportunity(e potential) Our partner club West Ham United(, we have been) we informed about it. The discussions on this lease went just fine (are fine gradients) The paperwork takes, regarding international lease, more time.... Fortunately, today everything was finalized (came around) and Gedion from now on is licensed to play for our club.

    (Gedion) We wish Gedion good luck at (to) our club and hope that he can contribute to the performance this season
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  13. O'Neill has been rated in the double encounter with FC Den Bosch a 5 in the away match and a 6 at home.
    Desevio was rated with a 5 against Excelsior.
    Both Miazga and Zelalem were playing unsufficient minutes for a rating by Voetbal International.
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  14. Rating by AD Sportwereld:
    Feyenoord - FC Groningen 2-0
    Feyenoord: Jones 7; Karsdorp 7, Botteghin 7,5, Van der Heijden 8, Kongolo 7; El Ahmadi 7,5, Toornstra 8, Vilhena 7; Berghuis 7, Jörgensen 7, Elia 7.
    FC Groningen: Padt 6,5; Payne 6, Larsen 6, Reijnen 6, Memisevic 5, Van Nieff 5; Bacuna 6, Tibbling 5,5 (64. Sorloth 5,5), Jenssen 5 (80. Hiariej -); Linssen 5 (56. Idrissi 5,5); Mahi 5.
    Scheidsrechter: Gözübüyük 7.

    Vitesse - Willem II 0-2
    Vitesse: Room 6; Leerdam 5, Kashia 5, Van der Werff 6 (36. Miazga 6), Diks 6; Nakamba 6,5 (87. Van Bergen -), Nathan 5, Baker 6; Rashica 6,5, Van Wolfswinkel 5, Tighadouini 6,5 (72. Foor -).
    Willem II: Lamprou 7; Van Anholt 5, Lachman 6,5, Peters 7, Tshimanga 6; Haye 5, (76. Croux -), Lieftink 5, Kali 6, Koppers 7; Sol 5, (90. Wuytens -), Oulare 5.
    Scheidsrechter: Arbiter Van den Kerkhof 6.
    There are no ratings in this publication for the Dutch Jupiler. I have those from Voetbal International Thursday.
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  15. Voetbal International's rating of last weekend:
    Payne rating 6
    Miazga rating 6,5 (going up!)
    O'Neill rating 5.5
    Zelalem no rating Not enough minutes.
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  16. The AD Sportwereld ratings of the Eredivisie weekend:

    Vitesse – Ajax 0-1
    Vitesse: Room 6; Diks 6, Kashia 6,5, Miazga 7,5, Faye 6,5 (83. Büttner -); Nakamba 6 (84. Ali -), Nathan 6, Baker 6; Rashica 5,5, Van Wolfswinkel 6, Tighadouini 6 (74. Foor -).
    Ajax: Onana 7; Veltman 5, Sánchez 7, Riedewald 6,5, Viergever 6,5; Schöne 5,5, Klaassen 7,5, Ziyech 5 (83. Van de Beek -); Traoré 4,5 (66. Kluivert -), Dolberg 5 (88. Cassierra -), Younes 6.

    Sparta Rotterdam – FC Groningen 2-2
    Sparta: Kortsmit 5.5; Floranus 6, Breuer 5, Vriends 6, Van Drongelen 5.5; Mendes da Silva 6.5 (53. Sanusi 5.5), Van Moorsel 6.5, Dijkstra 5.5; Cabral 6 (73. Pogba), Pusic 6, Calero 5 (71. Verhaar).

    FC Groningen: Padt 6; Payne 6, Reijnen 6, Larsen 5,5, Van Nieff 6; Tibbling 5 (62. Sörloth, 80. Memisevic -) Bacuna 5, Jenssen 6; Linssen 5 (54. Hiariej -) Mahi 7, Idrissi 6.
    Arbiter: Lindhout 5
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  17. AD Sportwereld'd team of the week:

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  18. Voetbal International's rating of last weekend:
    Payne rating 6
    Miazga rating 6
    O'Neill rating 6 plus yellow card
    Zelalem no rating Didnot play.
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  19. Second week in a row Miazga makes it into AD Sportwereld's team of the week

    I now am pampering the feel good spirit of the YA followers already for another week:D

    Rating of the match:
    Go Ahead Eagles - Vitesse 1-3
    Go Ahead Eagles: Zwarthoed 6; Groenbast 6, Fischer 5 (71. De Kogel -), Schenk 5,5, Ritzmaier 5; Chirivella 5,5, Crowley 7, Duits 6,5; Antonia 5,5 (79. Maatsen -), Hendriks 5,5 (57. Marengo 6), Manu 5,5.
    Vitesse: Room 6 (71. Törnes -); Diks 6, Kashia 7, Miazga 7, Leerdam 6; Nakamba 6,5, Nathan 5,5, Baker 5,5; Rashica 6,5, Van Wolfswinkel 7 (86. Ali -), Foor 6 (80. Büttner -).
    Arbiter: Kamphuis 5

    Rating of the match by Telegraaf's Telesport:
    Go Ahead Eagles - Vitesse 1-3
    Go Ahead Eagles:
    Zwarthoed 6; Groenbast 6, Fischer 6 (71. De Kogel -), Schenk 6, Ritzmaier 6; Chirivella 6, Crowley 7, Duits 6,5; Antonia 5,5 (79. Maatsen -), Hendriks 5 (57. Marengo -), Manu 6.
    Vitesse: Room 6,5 (71. Törnes -); Diks 6, Kashia 7, Miazga 6, Leerdam 6; Nakamba 6,5, Nathan 6, Baker 7; Rashica 7, Van Wolfswinkel 6 (86. Ali -), Foor 6,5 (80. Büttner -).

    Voetbal International's rating:
    Payne rating no play
    Miazga rating 6
    O'Neill rating no play
    Zelalem rating 5.5
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    Aug 15, 2009
    what's the ratings for Kai K for the Vitesse reserve squad?
  21. This weekends rating by ALgemeen Dagblad Sportwereld:
    PEC Zwolle – Vitesse 3-1PEC Zwolle: Van der Hart 6,5; Van Polen 7, Sandler 6,5 (70. Schenkeveld -), Bouy 6,5, Warmerdam 7,5; Holla 7, Saymak 7 (81. Nijland -), Ehizibue 6 (76. Mokhtar -); Thomas 6,5, Menig 6,5, Brock-Madsen 7.
    Vitesse: Törnes 4; Leerdam 5, Kashia 5, Miazga 5, Diks 4,5; Nakamba 6, Tighadouini 5, Baker 4,5 (68. Ali -); Rashica 6, Van Wolfswinkel 6 (79. Van Bergen -), Foor 4,5 (68. Zhang -).

    FC Groningen – Ajax 1-1FC Groningen: Padt 6; Memisevic 5, Reijnen 6, Larsen 6,5, Davidson 6; Tibbling 7, Hiariej 6,5 (79. Van Nieff -), Jenssen 7; Idrissi 6 (Payne -), Linssen 6,5 (75. Drost-), Mahi 6.
    Ajax: Onana 5; Veltman 5, Sánchez 5 (78. Van de Beek -), De Ligt 6,5, Sinkgraven 6,5; Schöne 5, Klaassen 6, Ziyech 4,5 (89. Cassierra -); Traoré 4 (59. Kluivert 6), Dolberg 5, Younes 6,5.
    Arbiter: Nijhuis 4
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  22. Voetbal International's rating:
    Payne rating no play
    Miazga rating 5
    O'Neill rating no play
    Zelalem no rating not enough minutes play
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  23. AD Sportwereld ratings weekend 10-12 march:
    Vitesse - Sparta 5-0
    Vitesse: Room 6; Diks 7,5, Kashia 7,5, Miazga 6,5, Kruiswijk 8,5 (83. Büttner -); Nakamba 7,5, Nathan 6 (65. Van Bergen -), Baker 6,5; Rashica 7,5, Van Wolfswinkel 8, Foor 7 (71. Ali -).
    Sparta: Kortsmit 5; Dumfries 3 (46. Saksela 4), Floranus 4, Breuer 4, Van Drongelen 4, Goodwin 4 (65. Bergkamp -); Dougall 5, Van Moorsel 4, Dijkstra 4; Cabral 4, Pogba 3 (46. Pusic 4).
    Arbiter: Manschot 6.
    Man van de wedstrijd: Na 304 wedstrijden in de eredivisie zonder doelpunt, maakte Arnold Kruiswijk dan eindelijk zijn eerste treffer. Het was voor de 32-jarige verdediger een terechte beloning voor een puik duel, waarin hij zeven minuten voor tijd zelfs een publiekswissel kreeg.

    Roda JC - FC Groningen 3-1
    Roda JC: Van Leer 6,5; Milec 6, Ananou 6,5, Kum 7, Van Peppen 6,5; Gnjatic 6, Auassar 7, Ajagun 7 (77. Van Hyfte -); Rosheuvel 7 (87. Van Velzen -), Schahin 6,5 (81. Papazoglou -), Paulissen 6,5.
    FC Groningen: Padt 5,5; Payne 4 (46. Bacuna 5), Reijnen 5, Larsen 4 (59. Drost 5,5), Davidson 4,5; Tibbling 4,5, Hiariej 5, Jenssen 5,5; Idrissi 4 (68. Sörloth -), Mahi 4,5, Linssen 3,5.

    FC Groningen really had an off day. They just were terrible, just a week after a draw against Ajax was too little a reward.
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  24. Telegraaf Telesport's rating:
    Miazga 6.5
    Payne 6, so they're more positive about his performance
  25. Voetbal International's rating:
    Payne rating 6
    Miazga rating 7
    O'Neill rating no play two matches
    Zelalem no ratingnot enough minutes, one match no play

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