Yale women’s soccer involved in admission fraud

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by Glove Stinks, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Let's hope so.

    Who ever was dumb enough to be (knowingly) involved in this scam is dumb enough to leave a digital paper trail.
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    By the way, if you have endless time, you can go back and review UCLA rosters and there are other strange additions; players that never played and don't seem to have much of a soccer resume.
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    Like if dad played football at UCLA and you cheered varsity for 4 years?
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    To be an academic benefit to the team, her academics only had to be better than the soccer team average. The bigger UC campuses are already turning away tons of applicants with good GPA and test scores. Athletes get to use the side door. Personal example - my daughter with 3.95 GPA and high test scores was waitlisted at UC Davis, my son with 3.2 and lower test scores got early admission there - but he could play soccer at D1 level.
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    Steven Masera, the California accountant accused of handling the books for a test-fixing and bribery scheme that defrauded some of the country’s top universities, will plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy and has agreed to cooperate with investigators, according to court documents unsealed Friday.

    As bookkeeper for William “Rick” Singer’s business and foundation, Masera, 69, billed parents who hired the Newport Beach college consultant to fix their children’s entrance exams and slip them into elite universities with bribes, according to an indictment charging Masera and 11 others in March with racketeering conspiracy.


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