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    The Xbox One FIFA Association (X1FA) is currently looking for managers for its inaugural season.

    The X1FA is a custom-roster FIFA league that is an attempt to be an online manager mode. Managers will select a 4-star (or lower) club and build that club over time through the transfer window.

    The X1FA will also have the following features:

    Salary cap to prevent mega-squads

    Cup competitions, including off-season international competitions

    Booking & injury tracking

    Player contracts

    Youth & journeyman players

    Free agency

    Transfers with other human managers

    Promotion & relegation

    Discord for league communication

    If you are tired of the FUT grind, or just not into the win-at-all-costs environment, then the X1FA is the place for you.

    We are based in North America, but anyone is welcome to join!

    If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, check out our Discord here:

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