What internet browser do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by YankBastard, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. zijin_cheng

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    Aug 2, 2014
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    Nobody use the metro version of IE for windows tablets? Google Chrome is quite laggy and not touch optimized for touch enabled tablets/laptops
  2. Arran82

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    Feb 15, 2013
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    i loved chrome but it seems laggy as **** right now. not sure if it's my pc or not. firefox still does a good job.
  3. Kryptonite

    Kryptonite Fancy Title Here

    Apr 10, 1999
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    I know this is an old thread, but I'm dinking around with Pale Moon. It's based off Firefox (a Firefox fork, actually) and it really looks/feels like old-school Firefox with the "keyhole" as the back/forward buttons.

    It doesn't seem as fast as a modern browser... :(
  4. nsa

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    Feb 22, 1999
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    Sadly, I think the google tracking and background searches (predictive text, links, etc.) are adding to some of the lag. Used to be quick and slick with few amenities, but now it seems to want to do everything for you.

    Fx is still my tops, despite crashes when I open too many tabs.

    What do folks think of the new browser in M$ WinX? Honestly, I changed the default browser before giving it a look.
  5. Boundzy

    Boundzy BigSoccer Supporter

    Jul 1, 2003
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    United States
    Chrome still works well for me on the laptop. I have 12 GB of RAM, so maybe that's why I've not noticed any lag, despite Chrome being a resource hog for memory. I use Firefox, too, and have no complaints.

    As for the new MS browser, Edge, it did an excellent job downloading Chrome and Firefox! I haven't used it enough to give it a fair chance. My mother used it for a few days before going back to Chrome. She complained that it crashed and "wouldn't download things," but, in my experience, the majority of her computer issues are user-based. :)
  6. Suyuntuy

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    Jul 16, 2007
    Vancouver, Canada
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    MS Edge is just terrible. Won't stop pop-ups, and has many vulnerabilities even when reading a PDF. I'd recommend people to stay away until they iron those problems. A simple three-line script is enough to send the browser into an infinite popup loop that ends with a BSOD.

    For Linux, my favorite is FireFox. It has a huge amount of add-ons and extras that you can invoke only when needed. Unless you have a very old computer running a very minimalistic version of Linux, stick to it.

    There is a problem with FireFox in most Linux distros, though, and has to do with Silverlight support. It just doesn't work properly, so for that, use Chrome or its clone Chromium. You'll know a site needs Silverlight when its videos don't work, even if Flash/HTML5 work in other sites.

    On Android devices, the big problem is Flash support. Flash is not a very safe piece of software, but still about 30% of all videos and streams out there require it. There are several browsers that support Flash, the most stable being Puffin, which makes it ideal for a phone.

    Dolphin is less stable, but overall is the best browser I've ever used: it has everything you need in the age of touchscreens. You can even invoke web sites using finger signs (trace a B on the screen, and wham, BigSoccer appears!). It's not 100% stable due to its rather messily coded AdBlock, though.

    Internet Explorer is a resource hog that loads far too many libraries at start-up. I've never understood the mentality behind Microsoft programming, trying to put everything in so everything works at first try, without ever needing further installs or the modularity provided by filters, add-ons, and apps.

    Chrome has the bad habit of performing incremental updates. Which means every time it updates, there is a lot of garbage left in its directories belonging to the previous versions. Since picking up the ones not used any more takes hours, the best solution is to completely uninstall it every three months or so (including registry entries), then install it clean again. I use CCleaner for my registry and so far no problems, although from time to time I have to manually delete the keys CCleaner misses (search by name of uninstalled program/application).

    PS: Forgot to mention the best browser for very old computers running barebones Linux: the venerable SeaMonkey, the browser that is the direct descendant of Netscape. It's so good, so small, so frugal, I have a very old (1997 vintage) Pentium II running videos from the web on a 60" TV using it.
  7. Goalkeeper_17

    Goalkeeper_17 New Member

    Jan 7, 2016
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    I have always used Firefox before, but Chrome proves to be a better choice for me. I have been using it for almost 4 years now.
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  8. Kryptonite

    Kryptonite Fancy Title Here

    Apr 10, 1999
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    United States
    In Google Chrome, wasn't there a way I could middle click to open a link in a background new tab? Likewise, I seem to have lost my ability to click the wheel and scroll.

    Were these lost when I upgraded to Windows 10?
  9. HomietheClown

    HomietheClown Member+

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    Sep 4, 2010
    Opera browser

    Chrome Canary, Chrome, Edge, Firefox.
  10. kcscsupporter

    kcscsupporter Member+

    Apr 17, 2002
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    just got updated to firefox 57 quantum. uggh. i knew i should've clicked the box to only update when i say so. i hate change. at least before, i could just reapply an extension and get it to look/behave the way that i wanted and was used to. now all of my extensions are dead and there's nothing to replace them. simple stuff like having my tabs below the address bar instead of on top. and noscript is apparently not working with the new version either, so that really sucks.
    i've always preferred firefox over chrome, so i'll give them a little time to get things sorted after this big update. if i can't get resolutions to some of these things that irritate me, though, i may have to look into chrome again.
  11. Boundzy

    Boundzy BigSoccer Supporter

    Jul 1, 2003
    Liverpool FC
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    United States
    I've been a chrome user for several years, but I always keep the most recent version of FF on my computers to try out occasionally. For me, the update has been nice. I've been using FF 57 exclusively for a few days and like it; however, I don't use many extensions and the few I use are working on FF 57.

    Having said that, I'll most likely go back to using Chrome in a day or two.
  12. Lightflame

    Lightflame New Member

    Real Madrid
    United States
    Apr 6, 2018
    I’m on a Google Chrome mostly and It's good enough for me. It’s secure, with fast extensions installation and automatically built-in translator, that is usually helpful for me as I have to write my essays and do a homework in two languages
  13. Antonio_Martin

    Antonio_Martin New Member

    Jun 28, 2018
    United Kingdom
    I will prefer for Chrome, I'm also using Chrome for browsing and its working great for browsing
  14. chtiPete

    chtiPete New Member

    LOSC France
    Nov 1, 2018
    Chrome, by far. IE is way too slow.
  15. Kryptonite

    Kryptonite Fancy Title Here

    Apr 10, 1999
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    United States
    Is IE still even being developed? I know Microsoft has had a recent shift toward their newer browser.
  16. JohnWohn

    JohnWohn New Member

    Dinamo Kiev
    Jan 22, 2019
    I like Chrome, 8GB RAM let me use it with 20-30 tabs and without any lags, on less productive computers I prefer Opera.
  17. ilovefootball20

    ilovefootball20 New Member

    Oct 15, 2014
    FC Luzern
    Chrome, hands down.
  18. Dage

    Dage Member+

    Jun 4, 2008
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  19. jimmytwoshoes

    jimmytwoshoes New Member

    United States
    Feb 18, 2019
    Chrome. Used to use firefox.
  20. Starless

    Starless New Member

    Liverpool FC
    Sep 3, 2019
    I use Brave browser for like half-a-year now, and really happy about it. Privacy and online protection is why I chose it, and it supports all Chrome extensions so that's comfy.
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  21. Toguchi

    Toguchi Member

    Atlético Mineiro
    Dec 1, 2019
    Belo Horizonte
    I work with computer programming and maintenance, and for all these years, I keep using Chrome. But Firefox is also good.

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