What Are The Best States For Girls Soccer???

Discussion in 'Girls Youth Soccer' started by charlieblanko, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I agree. I see the depth and strength of the clubs in North Texas and had to admire it. An age group from South Texas here and there could compete, but never a club. Even with my daughters team they could compete here and there against some of the better North Texas team but her team rarely had the depth to make it through an entire tournament.
    I think South Texas also has to deal with a cultural attitude of "girls don't play soccer", thus the disparity between the performance of their boys as opposed to the girls. I witnessed this first hand when we lived there. I remember one father, a man who played for the Mexican national team, when asked why his daughters did not play soccer responded "It is not proper for girls to play soccer." It was easy for boys to find extra training, pick up games, good coaching, much more difficult for girls. The only reason my daughter improved was because she was friends with a girl whose father was the coach for a boy's team and would sometimes let them practice with the boys. It was pretty frustrating. It is changing, but very slowly.
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    I think that relatively, it is changing rather rapidly. The girl's teams are getting more attention here and there, although I do think more female coaches are needed in the girls/women's game, be it at the club or high school level and there are tons of openings out there. Many of the Dallas area private schools are always looking for part-time, seasonal soccer coaches who want to 'get their foot in the door'. Just check the respective websites for openings. Getting into coaching for any young woman who loves the game, wants to continue to learn the game and is willing to build her resume, the field is absolutely wide open.
  3. no, it used to be that way. most academies now have at least 2 teams in each age, one competitive and one not as competitive. For U17, PDA has 4 teams out of 3 locations. MF has 3 out of at least 2 locations.

    "academies" have pretty much taken over here. there are very few competitive teams out of town clubs.

    for ODP, we have one team.
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    That is northern NJ... In central to South most teams/ clubs have one team including club and town teams... Town teams choose not to be in competitive leagues or competition.... They don't feel the need and generally stop teams at u14.. Their goal is to get the kids to high school
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    US Youth Soccer
    Percentage of population playing in USYS (both girl & boys)

    Total National
    2013/2014 Total – .0097

    Rank by Region
    01- East Total – .0139
    02- West .0095
    03- Midwest .0087
    04- South .0074

    Rank by State
    01- Massachusetts .025
    02- Rhode Island .022
    03- Utah .0217
    04- Virginia .0174
    05- South Dakota .0172
    06- New Jersey .0170
    07- Maryland .0165
    08- Delaware .015
    09- New Hampshire .0146
    10- Washington .0143
    11- Minnesota .0142
    12- Colorado .0138
    13- Pennsylvania .0128
    14- Vermont .0127
    15- Nebraska .0115
    16- Montana .0106
    17- North Dakota .0105
    18- Iowa .0103
    19- Wisconsin .0099
    20- New Mexico .0098
    21- Wyoming .0096
    22- Oklahoma .0095
    23- Indiana .0093
    23- Michigan .0093
    23- New York .0093
    23- Texas .0093
    27- Kansas .0087
    28- Arkansas .0085
    28- Kentucky .0085
    28- West Virginia .0085
    31- California .0084
    32- Maine .0083
    33- Georgia .0079
    33- Idaho .0079
    33- Ohio .0079
    36- Arizona .0078
    37- Alaska .0077
    38- Tennessee .0076
    39- North Carolina .0074
    40- Mississippi .0072
    41- Oregon .0064
    42- Illinois .0062
    43- Florida .0058
    44- Louisiana .0056
    45- Missouri .005
    46- Hawaii .0048
    47- Connecticut .0047
    47- South Carolina .0047
    49- Nevada .004
    50- Alabama .0033
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    ....But not the best coaches....certainly not in North Texas....the reason so few Texas girls are on the various age groups national teams...Club soccer in North Texas is mostly a money grabbing joke...and the new development academy will feature the same clown coaches who are currently providing little in the ECNL.

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