USWNT v Canada, Nov 9 and 12, pre/pbp/post

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    A good analysis -- most of which I agree with. My comments:

    Naeher. I don't have much confidence in her as the number one goalie. Nor do I care much for Harris, and Campbell is unproven. Give Franch another try. She has been much better than those three in the NWSL.

    Press: I just don't see her as a flank forward, unless she re-invents herself. Totally. Her future with the team is as a sub for Morgan at the center forward spot. That right forward position should be up for grabs, in my opinion, between Pugh, Dunn, and Williams. .

    Smith: Yeah, she had a bad game. Like Williams, lots of speed with not much finesse. Give Huerta another shot at right back. That O'Hara-Rapinoe connection is working so well on the left flank that I would keep O'Hara there to compete with Short as a starter and try a number of combinations on the right flank. If none work out, move O'Hara back to the right.

    Brunn and Dahlkemper: Ellis needs urgently to be looking for another center back. Sonnett maybe, Menges, maybe.. Somebody, hopefully with speed.
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    I didn't mean to imply I think Naeher is #1. Just believe JE does. Neither Naeher or Ellis inspire confidence. Press is different than Morgan and has no natural position in JE's 4-3-3. I do think she can do things, like keep the ball and make a pass, that Pugh and Williams can't. Lavelle is probably best here. Press could probably back up all three spots and Morgan, Rapinoe, and Lavelle have all been hurt in the last 18 months. Totally agree with Huerta. Huerta and Press could at least pass to each other and come close to the O'Hara/Rapinoe partnership.

    I think Jill is going to roll with the 11 we saw until Laura Harvey takes over.
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    @Patrick167, are you implying that Harvey will be the next head coach? Is this a forgone conclusion?
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    ?? Keep in mind that three fairly important players were out with injury (which may have dictated Press' use on the wing) one wasn't released by her club (wasn't a FIFA window) and Sullivan wasn't full strength.

    I don't think this is the preferred lineup even if there is one, and there will almost always be somebody out anyway-- even preferred lineups are fluid because God laughs at plans.

    And no one is going to set a lineup in stone this far out, anyway, no matter how bored you are with the current group. We'll see at least one starter at the next WC who is not yet capped, maybe even a name we've not heard yet. And surely another CB will be moved on to the bus at some point-- Ertz is getting to be too valuable to the offense to continue to be the emergency answer if someone goes down, I think.

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