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    Dec 8, 2018
    Maybe it's the novelty wearing off, but there seems to be less to report from the early 1962 issues. January only has obvious or uninteresting stuff, so I'm skipping it completely.

    Feb 62:

    -Spotlight on Finland! Finland is so bad even the WS-spotlight is having trouble spinning anything positive about them. Aulis Rytkönen and Kai Pahlman are the best players. It's said Pahlman has refused offers from many foreign clubs.

    -Spotlight on Atletico Bilbao. Goalie Carmelo is sometimes world class. Gainza is "of course" their most famous player, but Zarra and Ignacio (sic) Arieta run him close. Zarra mentioned as a great player, who was nonetheless often neglected by selectors.

    -Profile on Werner Liebrich. Batty considers him to be the best centre-half of the 50s.

    -French correspondent Jerry Weinstein thinks France and Sweden should be invited to the WC, so that "all the world's leading football nations would be represented". Haha, so salty! No freebie for Scotland?
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Mar 62:

    -A look back at the first edition of the European Nations Cup. Both goalies were excellent in the final. So that's how Blagoje Vidinic got his Ballon vote.

    -The Scots have a goalkeeper problem. No, it's not what you think, it's actually a positive one! They have to choose between three top-class goalies: Bill Brown, Lawrie Leslie and Eddie Connachan. In Tottenham's double-winning season Brown was referred to as the best in Britain, and here he's considered the favorite. Spare a thought for poor Frank Haffey, the keeper in the 9-3 drubbing by England, who will never grace the international scene again. He'll certainly have the sympathy of Georges Lamia, the goalie in the France Yugoslavia Euro-60 semi-final, mentioned in the previous article. He put up the most hilariously bad performance I've ever seen from a goalie in a major tournament.

    -Scotland are blundering both on the pitch and in the cabinets, as they decided not to sign up for the second Nations Cup.

    -We also find out the reason behind Eric Batty not ranking Brazil's 1958 that high. He had bet money on Sweden winning the tournament, haha!

    -Over at Milan, Dino Sani has fallen out with coach Nereo Rocco, who ordered him to shave his mustache. Some Passarella-style coaching there. I'm on team Dino here!

    -Santos have signed Gilmar - for £1000. Now that's a bargain.

    -Helmut Senekowitsch was so important for Austria their form dropped as soon as he transferred to Betis.

    -A human moment as Kubala met his mother for the first time since he left Hungary. She had repeatedly asked Hungarian authorities for a visa to visit her son, but did not obtain one until now. She saw her three grandchildren for the first time.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Apr 62:

    -Issue starts off really slow, but towards the end there's a lot of good material.

    -Spotlight on Real Madrid. This is a weird article, constantly referring to Bernabeu as De Yeste (his maternal surname) and ADS as the "red arrow", even though it's by some guy named Francisco Santos. It makes some powerful claims, too: "quickly adapting to Spanish soccer, Di Stefano began to increase the speed with which the game was played and added more discipline to it [...] Di Stefano imposed his own style to the Real Madrid team and soon influenced everyone, not only in Madrid, but in Spain and throughout Europe."

    Madrid have changed their style now that the big stars are getting older, moving around less and playing a more defensive game. Looks like they're already playing a 4-3-3. Pachin falls into defence, ADS, Del Sol and an alternating right-half forming the midfield, and Tejada, Gento and Puskas as the attack.

    -Spotlight on Russia, by Roger MacDonald. There's more stuff on their famous UK-tour. Khomich, Semichastny, Bobrov and Dementiev are name-dropped. This article is seriously underplaying Russian achievements: "It is difficult to relate their success to the era of makeshift training that prevailed in the British Isles at the time, but one should remember that the Russians had already completed one full season of football. Meeting the unknown, and faced with surprisingly effective tactics of the most unorthodox kind, may have slightly over-awed the British players".

    Goes on: "The 1958 World Cup merely confirmed that there was nothing special about Russian football [...] The Soviet footballers had only stamina and strength, and when this was sapped by a long series of matches, they proved easy victims for a skilful Swedish eleven. Victory in the European Nations' Cup probably came, as Eric Batty shrewdly suggested, because the other competitors were experimenting with future possibles for the World Cup".

    "The inside-forward trio [Ivanov, Gusarov, and I think Ponedelnik] have been selected for their combination play, for none of them are really brilliant as individuals". Man, dude went scorched earth on the Russkies there. Yashin and Netto at least got some lip service. The magazine was never too kind on the 60s USSR team.

    -A look at the goalkeepers of London teams. Historical greats are mentioned:
    Ted Hufton
    Ernie Gregory
    Frank Moss
    Vic Woodley
    Reg Matthews
    Sam Bartram

    Currently there's Bill Brown, Lawrie Leslie, Jack Kelsey, Peter Bonetti and Tony Macedo. Macedo was ineligible to play in the "home" internationals due to being born in Gibraltar(!). He got close to making it for the World Cup squad, but in the end never earned a cap. Lawrie Leslie was injured a lot.

    -Home Nations are doing so poorly Scottish correspondent Ken Montgomery wants to see a Great Britain NT. The two teams that played against The Rest of Europe are mentioned. Even the losing team from 1955 is considered to be better than what Britain could cook up today. Suggested team:
    Jack Kelsey
    Jimmy Armfield
    Mick McNeil
    Pat Crerand
    Ian Ure
    Jim Baxter
    Billy Bingham
    Jimmy McIlroy
    Jimmy Greaves
    Johnny Haynes
    Cliff Jones

    Eric Caldow and the inconsistent John White only make it as reserves.

    -György Orth has passed away. " the twenties was rated as the finest player in the world".

    -1962 could be the last time we see adventurous football. Italy and Spain are ruining the game with their defensive tactics. Poor EB, the story of World Soccer is the story of a man losing his smile.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    I'm missing the May issue, unfortunately! Anybody else have that one? Is there anything special I'm missing out on?

    One issue is one issue, but I'm also missing all of 1975 and a bunch of 1976, so that's going to put a wringer on my research unless I can find them before I get there. Ebay is surprisingly useless on the 70s issues, so does anyone know if there's any other place that sells back issues?
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    I've got all those issues. I can have a look for May 1962 later and see what was in it.

    In terms of buying them:

    It's expensive but they have a lot of stuff.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Thanks, mate. :thumbsup:

    Yeah, Soccerbilia is like my last resort, if I get tired of hunting for those issues and don't mind getting ripped off.

    Anyone here have Soccer Star issues? Are they worth collecting for international info, or is it mostly British stuff?
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Jun 62:

    -It's the WC-preview issue! This one looked a bit disappointing compared to later previews, but is still the most useful issue so far.

    -Benfica win the EC again. Even Batty is kinda sorta warming up to them.

    -More stuff from the "Caribbean". Here's a composite eleven:
    Alvarado (CRC)
    Pena (MEX)
    Boerlider (SUR)
    Cardenas (MEX)
    Sepulveda (MEX)
    Rodriguez (CRC)
    Reyes (MEX)
    Gamboa (COL)
    Herrera (CRC)
    Ulloa (CRC)
    Jiminez (CRC)

    Looking at the names, is this a 60s team or a 00s team? :D Costa Ricans are Carlos Alvarado, Marvin Rodriguez, Rudolfo Herrera, Juan Ulloa and Ruben Jiminez [sic]. Surprised to see so many Costa Ricans. Would have thought Carbajal would have been the goalie. He's even used as the poster boy for this article, and seems to have a pretty big profile on WS.

    -Spotlight on Spain. How come they suck at NT-level? Remember when this same article was used for every WC? They switch their team around too much. It's suggested they might naturalize Canario, Kocsis, Seminario and Dominguez.

    -"World Soccer brings you another outstanding feature which will prove an invaluable guide to the World Cup games in Chile". Haha, way to toot your own horn. They're right, though, as this is the best article so far. Eric Batty tells you the WS results in advance! Or how's this list for the last 8?
    W. Germany
    There's one slip-up, but that's pretty impressive. Brazil to win, of course. Russia, Germany, Czechs or England to reach the final.

    Let's see what else this article reveals us:
    *Group A is the strongest.
    *Colombia's best players are Alligator Sanchez and Delio Gamboa, but all in all aren't up to snuff.
    *Russia only missing a really outstanding director. Netto will have to do it, but he's no Bozsik or Zito.
    *Yugoslavia one of the best all-around teams but are likely to fail in front of goal.

    *Sivori is too much of an individualist. Maybe try out this Rivera kid?
    *Italy have been importing so many inside forwards there are barely any Italian-born players in this position above second class.
    *Chile are inexperienced and workmanlike, but home advantage is massive. Best players are Raul Sanchez, Fouilloux and Toro.

    *It will be surprising if Mexico earn even a point. Carbajal the only player getting a proper mention.
    *Spain's FBs aren't up to snuff and they need a goal-getting IL (Suarez isn't considered, it seems).
    *Czechs at their best could match anyone in the series.

    *WC comes a year too late for England. Greaves and Hitchens should be included together. They lack an inside-forward, the best in Britain is an Irishman.
    *Carrizo "has nothing to gain and everything to lose in Chile, and he would rather not play!" Wuss!

    -Roger MacDonald wants goal-snatchers in Chile [spoilers: you're not getting them]. Of the '58 goal machines, only Pele, Tichy and Seeler are left [Vava not expected to participate].
    "How many of the Finalists have confidence in their man in the middle? To my reckoning, only seven - Brazil (Countinho [sic]); Germany (Seeler); Russia (Ponedelnik); Spain (Di Stefano); Hungary (Tichy); Italy (Altafini); and Czechoslovakia (Kucera or Kvasnak) [...] A few players, such as Sanfilippo (Argentina) - whose brilliance is spoilt by his inconsistency - Sekularec [sic] (Yugoslavia), Haynes (England) and Sivori (Italy) may show their full potential in Chile, but the rest are submerged in mediocrity. The forwards of Bulgaria, Mexico and Argentina are even worse than England's - now the unhappy criterion of wasted chances for the rest of the world".

    -Holland's regulations at the moment allow four full-time professionals. Rest will have to be paid under the counter!

    -Juve wants Eusebio for £230,000. Del Sol, too, but Real wants a million dollars.

    -Profile on Masopust, one of the modern masters. His dream is to play the WC-final against Brazil.

    -Kucera's injury has ruled him out of the WC. He was ranked super-high during this time. I mentioned his tragic story in the original WS-thread.
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    Thanks. :thumbsup:

    "Looking Through the Crystal Ball" and "The Draw Dissected" sound like the most interesting articles, if they're about the World Cup? Maybe scan those if possible? What is "They Met in Days Gone By" about?
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    Jul 62:

    -Some salty zingers towards John Connelly: 'Connelly, whom someone seeking a cliche once described as "fast and direct" and nearly everyone else followed suit, showed not for the first time that he is seldom direct and uses his speed only to run into and not out of trouble.'

    -Another one of those hype articles, this time on Greece. They had received some good results at the Euro-cups (meaning draws and small losses, mostly), but the NT had done horribly during the same time: "They seemed to have an unwritten rule that the ball must not be passed to another player except in cases of dire emergency". They'll be emerging any time now with an upcoming team, though!

    Bunch of players mentioned, including future Greek greats Domazos and Sideris. Kostas Vallianos is "the latest in a long line of brilliant goalkeepers". Kostas Polychroniou "an outstanding club and National captain, who had the rare distinction of blotting Pele completely out of the game against Olympiakos during their recent tour [Olympiakos beat Santos 2-1]." But the top guy is Andreas Papaemanuel, who "ranks with the finest 'strikers' in the world today", according to an anonymous correspondent.

    Greece have a three point system in the league because originally teams were given 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and one if they actually stuc around to finish the match. :D

    -Junior cups still aren't drawing interest. CWC final replay "will now be played in Frankfurt on September 5 [!, eventually in Stuttgart]. The Scots refused to stage the second match after the dismal failure of the first."

    -Batty considers the possibility of a World Club Championship. Africa and Asia are now in the stage continental Europe was around 1893.

    -Spotlight on Peru. The controversy in the Berlin Olympics began after they believed Austria had substituted an injured player for another, and fielded a 12th player in retaliation. After Austria had gotten a walkover the Peruvians "came close to declaring war on Germany, its referees and the would-be peacemaker, Dr. Goebbels". LOL, the mental image.

    Valeriano Lopez and Terry are name-dropped. From the 50s, Joya is described as a cente-half(?) and Seminario presented as the best player. Seminario almost played against England in the 1962 friendly. However, "We don't want glamour boys who have deserted their homeland for money", says the manager... who is from Brazil...

    Orth was the trainer for the Peruvians: "Jorge Orth was Hungary's greatest-ever player bar none. Not even Georges Sarosi before the war or Ferenc Puskas after it could match his stamina, skill and versatility.

    -Spotlight on Penarol. The 1924 Olympic team wasn't a weakened one, after all. All the best Penarol players had departed after the club had separated from the league. "They returned just in time to play against the star Spanish side, Real Deportivo de Barcelona, who were wiping the floor with the best opposition that Rio de la Plata and Montevideo could provide." It's mentioned Piendibene scored against Zamora, so they mean Espanyol? RSSSF hasn't heard of this game, and certainly not of Espanyol wiping the floor with anybody.

    Gestido, Fernandez and Andrade formed the Costilla Metallica -line. Badass. Leonidas "was considered to be the outstanding centre-forward in South America". Already when playing for Penarol? Penarol wanted to sign Rahn in 1954 when Rot-Weiss Essen were touring SA, but he was snatched up to play in the World Cup!

    -Football goes full nerd as Leslie Page goes through the history of SOCCER STAMPS!
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    Feb 27, 2002
    This series is really interesting and good fun, too!
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    Lima, Peru
    The "Cortina Metálica" from Peñarol :thumbsup:
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    A couple of more fluffy issues. It's the post-WC lull.

    Aug 62:

    -The World Cup in Chile is trashed quite a bit. You know a tournament was no good when the most memorable moments were a mass brawl and a pitch invasion by a dog.

    -I mentioned this elsewhere. Outside of Brazil, South American performances weren't impressive. Chile of course got the usual host favoritism. Argentina and Uruguay "showed themselves to be generally below the level of top ten in Europe - I would add countries as Scotland, Austria, Sweden and Belgium from amongst the non-qualifiers".

    -Lots of players on the move (or not) after the World Cup.
    *Santos want Coluna.
    *Karoly Sandor wants to go to Italy, or he'll retire.
    *Fouilloux will be going to Racing Paris and Landa to Real Madrid.
    *Italians want Paul Van Himst, while Standard are after Moulijn.
    *Roma and Atleti will fight it out over Garrincha, while Bordeaux want Didi.
    *Nice were after Amarildo, who has now "of course" been signed by Juventus.
    *In classic Barca fashion they signed Cubilla a couple of months ago and are already bored of him.

    -1966 will be England's "chance of a lifetime", says Batty.

    -Russians first coined the term "anti-football".

    Sep 62:

    -Yugoslavia has a new transfer policy. A player wishing to transfer abroad
    1) Must be at least 30 years old
    2) Must have 30+ caps
    3) Must have 300+ league matches
    This isn't right, either, so either they'll change the policy soon, or it was enough for a player to fill just one of those requirements.

    -Mexico's turn to get the hype article: "they have now definitely arrived". Carbajal referred to as "surely one of the finest goalkeepers in the world today".

    -Manfred Kaiser is the DDRs most reliable player, while Dieter Erler is showing real promise.

    -Portugal's Virgilio Mendez [sic] was a full-back "renowned throughout the last decade for his positioning and speed of recovery".
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    Palmeiras Sao Paulo
    Nat'l Team:
    What are the names of WSs correspondents that lived and watched games here in Sudamerica (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru...) in the 60s and 70s? That watched Libertadores games on-site.
    I would like to learn more about the names writing about sudamerican soccer. ;)
  15. Ariaga II

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    Dec 8, 2018
    LOL, you're gonna start a letter-bombing campaign or something?
  16. ManiacButcher

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    May 23, 2004
    Palmeiras Sao Paulo
    Nat'l Team:
    lol. wooow. You can relax Ariaga. lol
    I really just want to read more stuff from them. ;)
    And now that I know that your arguments are motivated by pure paranoia I can take you more lightly and less seriously what you say. lol
    the Cuckoo's Nest agenda, conspiracy theories... lol
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    In the older WS issues I have, the articles about South America are written by Gordon Jeffery and Roger Macdonald.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Gordon Jeffery was the original South American commentary guy. Pretty sure he was UK-based, and the actual correspondents he used were anonymous. Not sure how the system worked, but every now and then there's these "stop the press" type telegrams that just came in.

    Sometime during the 60s Eric Weil came in, and stayed as the mag's South American voice for decades. He seemed to be actually based in SA? Roger Macdonald was more like an all-around guy, and there were occasional articles by visiting writers. This is all off the top of my head.

    Yeah, definitely a good idea to start taking things more lightly.
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    Here we go:

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    May 23, 2004
    Palmeiras Sao Paulo
    Nat'l Team:
    Thanks for the names Schwuppe!! :)

    And while researching the names, I've found an identical thread (With even the same name) at the Xtratime forums:
    Hey Arriaga, are you Harokin?? Or is this just a funny coincidence?
    I'm a member of Xtratime forum also for years and I know Harokins fame of hating Pelé and other players from south america. lol
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    Dec 8, 2018
    That's an impressive piece of sherlocking and deduction you've done there. Alternatively you could've just read the first post in this thread, but whatever floats your boat. :D
  22. ManiacButcher

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    May 23, 2004
    Palmeiras Sao Paulo
    Nat'l Team:
    lol. my bad. lol
    Harokin from xtratime. your discussions with south americans there were always funny. lol.
    I would not have wasted time discussing the "south american" topic with you on the other thread if I knew you were harokin. Because I would already know your arguments before hand and how the discussion would end.
    my mistake again. lol
    And keep up the good work here! ;)
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Good. Hold that thought.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Oct 62:

    -Spotlight on Sweden. Their best players from the early days [first names courtesy of moi]: Helge Ekroth, Sigge Lindberg, Rune Bergström, Otto Malm, Sven Friberg, Per Kaufeldt, Sven Rydell and Axel Alfredsson. But the best was Putte Cock [the legendary original Finland-slayer].

    -Some stuff on Goyvaerts. Barca coach Kubala has to choose "which of the three foreign inside-forwards he wanted for the new campaign - Evaristo (Brazil), new Uruguayan star Silveira and the Belgian Goyvaerts. Silveira got the final vote, Evaristo has been released and Goyvaerts has signed a three year contract but will play only in friendlies and international matches this season". Goyvaerts had earned his contract after playing for Barca on their South American tour, but no idea how they picked him for the tour if he wasn't under contract already.
    Barca swapped 20 goal Evaristo for 0 goal Silveira...

    -Some stuff on Italy before and after Superga. The best players were Bacigalupo (rivalled Swift for best in the world), Gabetto, Menti and Mazzola, with Ballarin, Grezar and Loik "only a little less capable". Even though England crushed them 4-0, the Torino-based NT had impressed. England just got lucky. Likewise in the post-Superga 2-0 win. Around Brazil 1950, Amadei was "the only forward of exceptional ability". Not Boniperti?

    -Poland continue to be on the upgrade with players like Zientara [already retired from NT, actually], Pohl and Brychczy.

    -Profile on Sekularac. Europe's leading forward?
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Thanks, great read. :thumbsup:

    Looking at WC-62 from a modern perspective, the results always looked a bit surprising. But as we can see from the predictions, everything went pretty close to the form book. Batty and MacDonald both got 7/8 right from the group stage. Wolstenholme got 6/8, but compensates by guessing the correct final pair!
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