The Impact Of The Champions League On Domestic Attendances

Discussion in 'League Championship' started by Sportlad, Dec 6, 2016.

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    When clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two play their fixtures on the same evenings as Champions League games, there is a noticeable decline in their attendances. I never really considered this but the following article - - highlights this issue.

    As the article suggests, the powers that be were looking at a radical restructure which would have seen four leagues of 20 teams introduced - which would have negated the need for so many midweek fixtures - but these plans have fallen through.

    Interesting analyses though. What do you think? Would the restructure have benefited revenue for lower league clubs?
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    Some valid arguments here when teams like Portsmouth are expected to travel to Accrington on a Tuesday night like Sept 17th when Champions League is on. Not only is the distance a factor, but fans are far more likely to stay home if good football on television so attendances will be affected
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    The CL is affecting lower level football across Europe, and there seems to be no solution. Money rules everything. If gloryhunting can be abolished, then maybe the situation will improve.
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    England has five nationwide levels, which is more than usual. The five nationwide levels have 116 clubs. With that amount, there has to be five or fewer levels with some of them having over 20 clubs or six levels with at least one level having fewer than 20 clubs. One possibility would be to have six nationwide levels of 20 clubs for a total of 120. To do this, for one season National League (formerly known as Conference National) could relegate 2 clubs instead of 4, and National League North and National League South could each promote 3 clubs instead of 2.

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